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10 page sleep health guide – Good Health Choices Magazine August 2018

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Have you seen SleepDrops in the awesome sleep section of Good Health Choices Magazine August 2018 There are 10 pages of tips to support your sleep quality and to help you overcome your sleep challenges. Have a virtual flick through the section below. We love the 6 factors that affect sleep (on page 6) and […]

Dropping off to a good night’s sleep

SleepDrops owner and founder Kirsten Taylor believes if everybody simply followed advice on her website about good sleep hygiene, she would go out of business. Fortunately for her, the pace of modern life isn’t always conductive to following good sleep practices and, for many, it is easier to buy Ms Taylor’s SleepDrops and supercharging the […]

Don’t Let The Cold Make You Blue With These Expert Tips

If you’re prone to feeling a little down in winter you’re not alone. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), anxiety and depression affect millions of people every year. Globally more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression.As New Zealand is positioned far from the equator we too can be affected by this phenomenon. You […]

8 Top Tips To Keep Well This Winter

As the cooler months approach, the days start getting short and the nights start getting chillier. At this time of year with more germs floating around and a greater chance of coming into contact with infectious bacteria or viruses it is important to keep yourself fit and healthy. There are a number of precautions you […]

5 Ways To Cope With Stress

Stress is the body’s way of responding to life’s demands. While necessary for our survival, in modern times stress has become one of society’s main health challenges contributing to a raft of health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, hypertension, obesity, anxiety, depression and even cancer. Short term, stress is great for helping us […]

Demand for SleepDrops problem for naturopath

Getting enough bottles to keep up with 300 per cent monthly growth was one of the biggest problems for SleepDrops naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist Kirsten Taylor. She told the PwC Herald Talks breakfast this morning of overcoming many issues to expand the business, now targeting the US$800 million ($1.2 billion) sleep medication market in […]

SleepDrops maker restless in pursuit of $1.2b US market

Naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist Kirsten Taylor is targeting the US$800 million ($1.2 billion) sleep medication market as part of global expansion plans for SleepDrops. Taylor developed the product for her own use in 2009, but it was the realisation that she was not the only person with sleep issues that led her to form […]