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The resources below have been designed for educational purposes only to help everyone improve their sleep hygiene and establish healthy sleep patterns for a healthier, happier life.

SleepDrop Body Breath Scan - in 10 steps!

Deep, diaphragmatic breathing, even for as little as two minutes can support you to feel instantly more calm and relaxed any time of day or night. It can also help to relieve pain, lower blood pressure and help you have a stronger immune function.

Use our Body Breath Scan resource to help you complete a deep breathing and mindfulness exercise in 10 easy steps!

SleepDrops - 10 steps body scan - 2021 - Sept update-v2

This chart shows you when you should put your kids to bed

Dear parent or caregiver,
this chart is to act as a tool for you, a reference guide so you can see what parameters you should be aiming for with your child depending on their age.
These are guidelines only and experience shows that most kids need slightly more sleep than this. If you have a primary school, intermediate or high school age child they need a minimum of 10 hours sleep.
As always work out what is best for your child to give them the best start in life. A good nights sleep helps them be more happy, more co-operative and learn more = all good things not to mention their physical wellbeing.
If you are concerned about the amount of sleep your child is getting please feel free to contact our support team or consult with your medical practitioner.

SleepDrops Sleeptime at the Zoo

SleepDrops International is delighted to bring your little one Sleeptime at the Zoo, an engaging bedtime story that features a cast of loveable zoo animals.

Narrated by Naturopathic Sleep Specialists and CEO of SleepDrops International; Kirsten Taylor, Sleeptime at the Zoo delightfully follows the zoo animals as they prepare for bed. This relaxing bedtime story has been carefully written by sleep experts and is the perfect way to prepare your little one for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Simple Relaxation - Guided Meditation

Helpful Websites

To reduce the blue light emitted from your electrical devices you can download this program.

Blue light suppresses melatonin (our sleep hormone) production which affects sleep onset, making it harder to fall asleep.