Our Philosophy

At SleepDrops we take Sleep very seriously.

Every product we develop is devoted to fulfilling a deep and specialised need for our customers.

We meticulously research ingredients and their efficacy in order to develop products that offer something quite spectacular for the user whether it be superior absorption for ultra-fast results, specialised formulations, flexibility of dosing, the ability to combine products to make your own programme, impactful life-changing sleep.

Why? Because we are 100% positive that the world would be a better place if everyone could achieve deep restorative, rejuvenative, life enhancing Sleeeeeep zzzzzz

Our Mission Statement:

To create cutting edge Naturopathic sleep and stress products to transform the lives of people all over the world.


SleepDrops is operated under these guiding principles:

Our mission from day one has been to create and produce innovative sleep and stress products for all ages.  Everything at SleepDrops is ruled by this principal. If the herb, nutritional co factor or synergy doesn’t work – it’s gone!

  • If we can do it, then we will do it – for you

  • As close to perfect as possible we strive for excellence in every single aspect of our business.

  • Not only are our formulations world class, best in field, award winning and life changing for our users but as team we define ourselves as being authentic, sincere, fabulous, innovative, efficient, uncompromising and caring. That’s a big call which is why we also insist on being a good place to “work” for everyone and as such provide a caring, genuine, free-spirited, diverse work space. We joke that we are the United Nations office with our team coming from not only New Zealand but also Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and China to name a few. We perfectly represent our modern community.

  • SleepDrops’ company culture is one of FUN. Yes we work really hard, often times literally running around our office but we maintain an atmosphere of creativity, sharing, and collaboration. You will often hear us laughing.

  • Learn from your mistakes. Obviously we try not to make mistakes but like all companies innovating and making ripples in the world of product development for the betterment of the world’s community – we are human too and so we do make mistakes. Our team know it’s okay to make mistakes as long we learn from them. After all, often times this it’s the situation from which genius springs!


We also take the environment very seriously

We are on a continuous journey to help improve our environmental footprint. We have made the responsible, ethical decision to use recycled materials where we can on all of our products. We also choose to drive hybrid, energy efficient vehicles recognising transport is one of the largest contributors to our global carbon footprint. We are also excited to announce we have partnered with CarbonClick to help us further reduce our carbon footprint and allow our customers to join our sustainability journey, by offsetting their online purchase at the click of a button. To keep things simple we chose a round number which more than offsets the estimated average purchase and shipping footprint associated with our products. Because it’s CarbonClick, you know the projects are of the highest impact with planet restoring biodiversity and humanity restoring social outcomes. You also get full transparency and traceability of your offset donation so you can rest easy, that it’s gone to the right home. We receive no margins or incentives from CarbonClick, and we loved the minimal and transparent 20% fee margin they operate on compared to most other programs. This will help future generations to live in a world they too will be able to enjoy and sleep easy in.