Frequently Asked Questions

Back ordering

When our products are extremely popular or suddenly sell well due to a promotion we are doing from time to time they may go out of stock temporarily. During this time we may continue to offer them on back order meaning we can accept your order and we will dispatch as soon as we have stock. This will clearly be stated on the website product sales page end again in the shopping cart.

Will I need to take SleepDrops forever

Our clients find that once they start taking the product, and while they need the full recommended dose for the first little while, we expect as sleep patterns change for the better the dose and the frequency of the doses can be dropped. It is common for people to stop taking them all together, others continue to take a few drops a night before bed.

What currency are your prices?

All prices on this website are in New Zealand Dollars

What do they taste like?

SleepDrops are a perfectly palatable liquid formula that you simple put under your tongue using the dropper provided with the bottle. Most people are seriously surprised by how good they taste while the worst comment I we have ever got about the taste is that they taste both a little bit sweet and a little bit sour.
They are in a base of Glycerine, purified water and ethanol and its the Glycerine that gives them the sweet taste.

Can I take SleepDrops with other supplements, Homeopathics or Pharmaceutical Medicines?

You can take SleepDrops with your other health products. There is 0.005grams of dried herb equivalent per 5 drops dose so herb/drug interactions are impossible. If you are concerned about this possibility please follow the advice of your medical practitioner.

Can I take SleepDrops while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes you can. We have many customers taking our SleepDrops while pregnant and breastfeeding without it impacting on their milk. However every person is different so if you have reason to believe you are sensitive to herbal or energetic medicines perhaps taking our Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients would be a more conservative approach and still get you an improved sleep.

How do I take SleepDrops?

General directions for use – Remember our team is available to discuss your individual needs on 0800 345999 during office hours. And if you are not sleeping within one week of starting the programme you must call us for support.
Phase one:
For 5 nights take 5 to 10 drops under tongue 1/2 hourly starting 2 hours before bed. If you wake in the night take one dose and repeat 1/2 hourly if necessary.

Phase two:
From the 6th night on going – Take 5 to 10 drops under tongue 1/2 hour before bed & once more immediately before retiring. If you wake in the night take one dose & repeat 1/2 hourly if necessary
Note: if you are a slight build or you are sensitive to medication take only 5 drops per dose.

How many doses in a bottle?

The 60ml bottle contains 1200 drops – that’s 120 doses at 10 drops
or 240 doses at 5 drops – that means GREAT VALUE!

Who should avoid this product?

People sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients should avoid this product.

Is more better?

More is not better with this product. Taking 20 or 30 drops at a time will not make you sleep faster. You can take more but you will just be wasting it. Frequency is the key, taking it more often can help so if you have a particularly active mind and you can’t seem to switch off, you can use the Sleep Drops to help support this. You could take 1 or 2 drops every minute for 10 minutes.

What can you tell me about the effects of SleepDrops

Legally (due to NZ med safe regulations) I am not allowed to go into any detail at all about what results people can expect from my SLEEP DROPS but the name of the product pretty much covers it.

Can I give SleepDrops to my pet?

Yes, you can put it directly into their mouth taking care with the glass dropper or you can put it into their water or on their food. We would not recommend giving a pet more than 3 drops at a time.

Can I get a sample?

We do not offer product samples because samples simply don’t work. The whole point of our SleepDrops system is that it works with the body to encourage natural sleep patterns so a sample isn’t able to do this.
Not only that – we have a mix and match system depending on your symptoms, how long you have been sleeping, whether you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep or both etc – we understand that ONE product doesn’t work for everybody. Our system takes into consideration individual requirements and allows the person to get the support they need.
Sleep cycles take time – if you have been on medication it may take 1 week to 3 months.
Most people give up too soon and don’t give natural products a chance to work.
Having said that if you are not experiencing an improvement within a week of taking our system we ask that you contact us so we can try and work out what is going on for you.
Perhaps you would like to give our office a call on 0800345999 and one of our team can ascertain whether our system is a good option for you to try or not.

What are the terms of guarantee?

Guarantee terms and conditions:
We do not guarantee SleepDrops for Babies, or SleepDrops for Kids because young children especially babies are not able to articulate why they are not sleeping!
It is important for you to know that:
SleepDrops have been formulated to support natural sleep patterns and normal physiological processes. They are not a sledge hammer nor are they pharmaceutical medications. They work to support natural sleep patterns and cycles and that being the case must be given the appropriate amount of time. If you are looking for an instant magic wand – this is not the product for you. Although having said that many many people get good results from the very first time they take them.
Users must take the product according to the instructions and/or advice given to them at the time of purchase.
We ask that if you have not had any improvement in your sleep after one week of taking the products and following the advice that you please contact us on 0800345999 or email us at with your phone number and we will call you! This is a condition of our guarantee.

After this you must follow the advice given and continue to take the product for it’s entirety and then if you still feel that you have had no change in sleeping habits whatsoever we will refund you. We refer to this above as a Bottom-of-the-bottle money back guarantee.

Please note that the refund policy is only applicable to purchases made directly from or at the discretion of the independent retailer. Refunds will only be processed for up to one month’s supply of product and excludes all sale items.

What do I have to do to get my money back if I find them unsuccessful?

Note you must have followed our advice, completed the full programme and contacted us. If you have done all of these things and the products have not improved your sleep, we will happily refund you your money.
1. Call us after 1 week of taking our SleepDrops products if you have had no change.

2. Follow all advice given for the remainder of the product(s) (usually 1 month supply)

3. Let us know if you have still had absolutely no change in your sleeping habits and that you will be sending the containers back to our company at 29C Woodside Ave, Northcote, Auckland.

4. Send the containers back.

5. We will send you out a cheque refund.

Under what circumstances will you not give a refund?

We will not give a refund if :
The person has not followed and completed the programme.
The person has not contacted us.
The person refuses to follow our professional advice.
The person has not sent back the containers.
The person has purchased the product from outside of New Zealand.
Please note that the refund policy is only applicable to purchases made directly from or at the discretion of the independent retailer. Refunds will only be processed for up to one month’s supply of product and excludes all sale items.

How much for shipping?

Free Shipping in New Zealand on Orders Over $50

How long does delivery take?

Nationwide delivery takes 1 to 3 days. Rural may take an extra day. – Then again we got an order to Wellington in less than 12 hours once! Mostly we are at the mercy of the courier companies who we know do their best just like we do! Each order is given a track and trace number so that we can track every customers’ order within the courier company’s website.
International orders can take up to 12 working days from date of dispatch to arrive.

How many nights does it take for them to start working?

It’s impossible to answer this question. As there are 80 different Sleep Disorders it really just depends! But some people the first night, some the second or third and some the next week or sometime in the first month. Sometimes it takes time for the magnesium levels to come up in the body… but we need to talk to you if they are not working in a week. This is a term of our guarantee.
If you have any questions about this guarantee or the SLEEP DROPS product please do not hesitate to contact Kirsten Taylor or one of her team at New Zealand Health Shop on 09 4180479 or 0800 74 88 393 or via email: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Our office hours are Monday – Friday 10 am until 5pm.

Other product FAQs

Magnesium may decrease the absorption and efficacy of some medications. Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients should be administered at least 2 hours apart from tetracycline and quinolone antibiotics.