SleepDrops® are New Zealand’s No. 1 selling range of expert sleep support supplements for the last 14 years in a row*. Our specialist products provide 100% natural sleep support for people who need support to relax; to turn off their busy mind, are waking in the night, need to support their quality of sleep, or are being easily woken, waking up unrefreshed, or are feeling tired or stressed throughout the day.

*Data source: IriAztec data and iQvia data 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023

Little miss had a shower followed by sleep drops and baby massage with the oil you guys sent us and it’s the first night she’s gone to sleep without a fuss in days!!!! Thank you so much for your support. You have been amazing. What an amazing company 🥰


I love SleepDrops! Their products are amazing. The team are super helpful and lovely. Nothing is too much trouble and I get a great night’s sleep even though I travel all around the world and change my body clock all the time. Wouldn’t be without them every night!


What sets us apart? At SleepDrops, we believe in the power of customization. Our mix-and-match approach allows you to curate a personalized sleep and stress program that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Say goodbye to generic solutions and hello to tailor-made support that truly works for you.

Worlds First Mix and Match
Sleep and Stress Product Range

Combine products to create your own individual sleep & stress programme.

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step3 ultra inflameze night immune

As sleep researchers we understand the most common reasons why most people don’t sleep well and develop very specialised products for people just like you.

SleepDrops® is a comprehensive range of 12 completely different, highly specialised and expert sleep support products. You will need to select the appropriate products from our range to get the correct sleep support to match your needs. We do not make one hit wonders that try to do all things for everyone. In our opinion they don’t work. Our product range caters for all ages and can be tailored to create a customized regime for your or your family’s needs.

I was having trouble with my insides after being diagnosed with Crohns. I love that Sleep Drops professional team understand the relationship between gut health and pain. Ultra Inflameze changed everything for me. I can’t thank you enough!


I often had trouble getting to sleep and would wake during the night. SleepDrops helps me switch my active brain off and I have gone from an average 4 hours a night to 6-7 and am much better for it. It also helps minimize the side effects of my migranes which is a real bonus.
I recommend SleepDrops to everyone.


bed SleepDrops offer support to go to sleep

moon Support to stay asleep

half Awesome for night sleeps or day naps

cogs Mix and match system

user Can be tailor made to your needs

users A sleeping solution for all ages

none No drowsy after effects

drop Liquid and easy to take

leaf Containing all natural ingredients

comments 70% of our customers come from word of mouth

flask Products and laboratory independently tested with 100% pass rates

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Kirsten Taylor
Kirsten Taylor

As a Naturopathic Sleep Specialist with 20 years experience in supporting people of all ages, lifestages and sleeping habits, you have my word that these products are the real deal. If you want serious, expert level support for any aspect of your sleep and you want to wake up feeling refreshed our comprehensive range of SleepDrops is the answer for you.

Combine them to match your sleep goals today!

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Kirsten Taylor
CEO of SleepDrops


magnesium 10

Magnesium 10

After many years of research and helping people sleep and achieve their health goals the experts at SleepDrops are happy to launch our brand new Magnesium 10 high strength, multi magnesium supplement powder.

Ultra Inflameze

Ultra Inflam-Eze

Ultra Inflam-eze is a scientifically formulated, high-strength herbal supplement created by the expert team at SleepDrops who have been supporting people to achieve natural, healthy sleep for over 14 years. Pain and discomfort has been scientifically proven to be one of the most common sleep “blocks” or “disruptors”.

sdni healthy sleep 180 pdf

Ultimate Immune Bundle

A nutritional supplement formulated to support normal body response to sleep at night

SleepDrops for Adults 30ml Sleep Remedy NZ Support Natural

SleepDrops For Adults

Our No.1 selling remedy! Formulated with researched ingredients to support you if you have a busy mind and can’t switch off before bed


Night Immune

Night Immune supports your immune system while also supporting healthy sleep – naturally

Menopause Survival Pack

Menopause Survival Pack

Are your menopausal symptoms waking you up in the night? Feeling tired during the day? This is the day and night pack for you!

sdb and sdboil

SleepDrops for Babies with Organic Massage oil

Sleep Drops for Babies offers support for newborns and toddlers with a special blend of herbs and natural ingredients. This pack includes a bottle of our gorgeous organic massage oil.

Daytime Revive

Daytime Revive

Full strength support to stay calm, centered, and in control during challenging times

healthy sleep 180

Healthy Sleep

Are you struggling to stay asleep at night? Do you often find yourself waking up? This is the nutritional supplement you need!

sleepdrops health gift pack

SleepDrops Gift Pack

Give that special person in your life sleep and tranquillity with the luxurious SleepDrops Gift Pack. Valued at $80.99 now only $44.99!

SleepDrops for Adults 50ml Sleep Remedy NZ Combo 2

SleepDrops for Adults 50ml Combo Pack

Can’t switch off your busy mind at night? You need this value combo pack with 3 month’s supply of SleepDrops for Adults.


You can find SleepDrops in PAK’n SAVE, New World, Countdown, Chemist Warehouse, Pharmacies and Health Stores throughout NZ.

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