SleepDrops Gift Pack

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The SleepDrops Gift Pack contains:

  • SleepDrops for Adults 30ml
  • DIVINE SLEEP Aromatherapy Room and Pillow Spray
  • DIVINE SLEEP Lavender Bath Salts


Give that special person in your life sleep and tranquillity with the luxurious SleepDrops Gift Pack! Unwind at any time with these gorgeous DIVINE SLEEP Lavender Magnesium bath salts enriched with real lavender petals, mist your pillow with this DIVINE SLEEP Aromatherapy Spray containing 100% organic essential oils, and turn off a busy mind with NZ’s No.1 selling liquid sleep supplement, SleepDrops for Adults.

SleepDrops for Adults 30ml

SleepDrops for Adults has been New Zealand’s Number 1 sleep support formulation for 14 years in a row, helping thousands of people to get to sleep.

Scientifically formulated with a world first blend of 13 herbal medicines, 11 homeopathic preparations and 9 flower essences that support you to switch off your mind that maybe excited, busy, worried or overwhelmed.

What makes this formula unique is the way the specifically chosen ingredients work in synergy supporting your natural relaxation and sleep pathways so that your body remembers how to switch off and fall asleep – naturally.

Keep SleepDrops for Adults on your bedside table so you can use it again to support getting back to sleep if you wake in the night. If waking in the night or tossing and turning, restless sleep is driving you mad, SleepDrops for Adults combined with our high strength Healthy Sleep capsules which nourish and support your deep sleep pathways, work beautifully together – like hardware and software on a computer they are simply better together.

Ask us about our “how to get the most out of our SleepDrops for Adults” e book via support@sleepdrops.co.nz

Lavender Magnesium Bath Salts

These luxurious salts contain organic Lavender essential oil. When you open the pack and the delicious smell of real lavender hits your nose, thoughts of how relaxing your hot bath will encourage you to relax as quickly as you can. Once in you can close your eyes and be surrounded by the lovely smells of lavender essential oil, all while soaking sore muscles and your body in a total state of relaxation. Magnesium sulphate is a naturally occurring mineral compound that is easily absorbed by the skin. Magnesium sulphate that has been shown to support stiff & weary muscles, calm the mind, soften skin and support relaxation. These beautiful Lavender Magnesium Bath Salts offer a luxurious nighttime ritual to help support a natural restful night sleep.

DIVINE SLEEP Aromatherapy Spray

Divine Sleep Aromatherapy Room and Pillow Sleep Spray is a luxurious and relaxation-inducing blend of the highest quality organic essential oils.Featuring a divine blend of Manuka, Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Lavender oils. The sleep specialists at SleepDrops have blended this beautiful relaxing aroma to create a haven in your bedroom infused with peace, comfort, calm and tranquillity.




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