Is Lack of Sleep Killing Your Sex Life?

media Is Lack of Sleep Killing Your Sex Life

If you are a fan of a healthy sex life then read on to learn what is the ONE thing you should be prioritising.

Sleep is absolutely the foundation for good health and wellbeing. Not getting enough sleep each night has been shown to alter the expression of over 700 genes in the body including what foods you crave, how you metabolise said food and why you can’t remember your neighbours name (who you have known for at least 5 years).

Studies show links between lack of sleep and a vast array of health conditions including anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, premature ageing, memory loss, substance abuse and weight gain. Not to mention sleep loss makes you a public hazard (accident prone) and dumbs you down by impairing attention, alertness, concentration, problem solving and reasoning and as if that isn’t enough it could literally be killing your sex life. Sleep deprived men and women report lower libidos due to a lack of energy and increased tiredness but interestingly increased tension can also be to blame for killing the mood.

So if you are finding yourself deprived of some quality “couple time” or someone around you a little hard to manage perhaps prioritising some high quality sleep is just what is needed.

Quality sleep supports more fun in the bedroom, optimal healing and repair of the body as well as better preparing you for the daily challenges of life. By prioritising your sleep you are giving your body the most powerful of anti- stress strategy and ensuring you get more out of your day….and night…

Top 6 tips for surviving hot summer nights:

  1. Set an alarm one hour before you want to go to bed – then stick to it. Turn off your devices and pop into bed to read a good old fashioned book.
  2. Cool down with water – take a cool bath or shower before bed.
  3. Keep hydrated – drink some cool water before bed and keep a water bottle on the bedside table to rehydrate if you wake in the night
  4. Get loose – wear loose cotton summer PJ’s. Don’t sleep nude as this can stop moisture evaporating between your body and the mattress and make you feel hotter
  5. Sleep like an Egyptian – cotton sheets help to keep you cooler. Keeping a leg out of the sheets will also help to regulate your body temperature.
  6. Fill a hot water bottle and keep it in the freezer for a bed friendly ice-pack.