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Super Strategies for a Healthier Prostate

  Poor prostate health leads to common conditions such as Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH) and Prostate Cancer in men. Learn why this is a leading cause of sleep deprivation for men causing drowsiness and low mental function the next day. Research has shown men are 75% less likely to develop poor prostate health and prostate […]

Boost Your Mood with Better Sleep

As we all try to cope with rising levels of stress and anxiety, let’s review some of the research which reveals one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to support your mental health. Our blog explains why even one night of poor sleep impacts your mood, stress levels and mental resiliency. We share practical […]

Physical Self Care for Busy New Mums

New Mums have higher energy and nutrient requirements than ever before especially when breastfeeding. Prioritising self-care practice to help you sleep, eating a nutrient-dense diet and regular movement can be challenging for new Mums. Our blog offers ideas to nurture a new Mum’s physical health that can be easily incorporated into hectic days with your […]

Tips for Sleeping Through the Pandemic

Many of us are suffering sleep deprivation during the COVID-19 pandemic due to increased stress and uncertainty coupled with a change in our routine. We need eight hours of quality, deep sleep during this time to support a strong immune system to fight against infection and support the effectiveness of vaccination. See our sleep tips […]

Mental and Emotional Self-Care for Busy New Mums

Self-care is the practice of doing something for yourself that either maintains or improves your mental or physical health. Selfless new Mums struggle to make time for themselves but self-care can be easily incorporated into busy days with your baby. Our blog challenges your concept of self-care and offers ideas on how new Mums can […]

Improve Your Gut Health To Improve Your Sleep

New research shows improving your gut health can help to improve your sleep and vice versa. Learn how you can improve your gut health by eating specific gut-friendly foods at the right time for your circadian rhythm. Explore this blog to improve your gut health and positively impact your sleep. Our previous blog, ‘When Sleep […]

When Sleep Deprivation Becomes A Pain In The Gut

If you have tried everything to improve your sleep, it may be time to turn your attention to your gut. New research confirms that a diverse, healthy gut can help you enjoy longer, deeper sleep with less waking through the night. This blog explores how improving your gut health can improve your sleep. There are […]

The Risks of Melatonin Use for Kids

Blog at a Glance: The SleepDrops Research team is concerned by recent news that many New Zealand parents are using prescription Melatonin to get their children to sleep Read the blog below to learn about the potential side effects of prescription Melatonin use for kids and why long term use is not recommended. See our […]

How To Get Your Child To Sleep Naturally

Blog at a Glance: Learn how much sleep your child really needs at each age to support better behaviour, growth and development. Concerning international trend of drugging children to sleep now becoming common in New Zealand. Read our effective, evidence-based natural strategies to get kids to sleep and end the bedtime battle. Kids employ a […]