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How to Beat the Heat and Sleep Through Summer

beat the heat and sleep through summer

Summer has landed and although there is so much to love about this season, it can seriously disrupt our sleep! Not only do longer, lighter evenings mean we are later to bed but we often wake through the night in a hot mess. How Summer Disrupts Your Sleep During the summer months, we tend to […]

Super Strategies for a Healthier Prostate

Super Strategies for a Healthier Prostate

  Poor prostate health leads to common conditions such as Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH) and Prostate Cancer in men. Learn why this is a leading cause of sleep deprivation for men causing drowsiness and low mental function the next day. Research has shown men are 75% less likely to develop poor prostate health and prostate […]

Sleep Your Way to Healthy Immunity

Sleep your way to healthy immunity.

Blog at a Glance Research has shown there is an exact quantity of sleep needed to help an individual build a healthy immune system. Short sleepers are four times more likely to be infected by a common cold virus. Learn more about how you can improve your sleep and build a healthy immune system to […]