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Mentoring might to help Kiwi firms

NZ Entrepreneur’s Organisation – a local chapter of a global peer to peer mentoring association – has recruited eleven new highflying business people show will be able to offer practical help to others. They include Seeby Woodhouse, founder of Orcon and current CEO of Voyager Internet, Kirsten Taylor, managing director of the successful SleepDrops natural […]

Helping the world sleep

Kirsten Taylor has taken her SleepDrops business from garage start-up to million-dollar international player in just four years – and not a sleepless night in the process. You’d think it would be safe to assume that Kirsten Taylor has a history of insomnia. Why else would this naturopath-turned-sleep-expert be so passionate about helping people get […]

How sleepless mum strikes success with award-winning sleep remedy business

Northshore naturopath and mum Kirsten Taylor drew inspiration from her sleepless nights to build a range of herbal remedies, SleepDrops, that has wowed clients in a way she didn’t imagine possible, giving her an award-winning business in the process. A sleep and stress specialist, Taylor had no need for such a product until financial stress […]

When The Going Gets Tough

Ironically, it was a business failure and growing financial worry that set naturopath and SleepDrops inventor Kirsten Taylor on the path to pinch-yourself business success. The single mum lost everything when a business partnership soured and, living hand-tomouth, the pressure was taking its toll. As she lay awake night after night worrying about the future. […]