Retox and then Detox – The great liver balancing act essential for this and any time of year

The silly season is officially upon us. We are about to eat and drink more than any other time of the year. Here is some important information you need to know to protect your liver!

  1. The enzymes made by your liver to detoxify alcohol are only produced after exposure to alcohol. Got that? Didn’t think so – let me break it down for you. The army is only sent to the front line after the front line has been invaded by the enemy…What does that mean for our bodies? It means that if you know you are going to have a big night on Saturday night you need to have a drink on Friday night so that your body produces the enzymes to breakdown the alcohol that’s coming in larger quantities the next night.

Responsible drinking means “priming” your liver the night before so you will be able to “handle” your alcohol better and won’t be bombing yourself out of the blue.

  1. Alcohol depletes magnesium which has a massive impact on your sleep, your nervous system health, your muscles (heart and bowel too) and your brain – it’s one of the reasons your head hurts so much the next day. Not only that but the alcohol and rich foods will alter your body’s pH making it more acidic. Magnesium is a great alkaliser. Increase your fibre rich veggies starting now in the lead up to the parties and supplement with 400mg of Magnesium before bed.
  2. Alcohol and “junk foods” wreak havoc on our intestines and take out our beneficial probiotic gut flora that keeps our whole body healthy and happy so start supplementing with a room temperature shelf-stable probiotic now after breakfast and dinner or be bold and start making your own kombucha probiotic drink – it’s delicious and good for you. Continue to take on going, at least for the whole of January or until the party is over!
  3. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and herbal tea on the day of each occasion to hydrate your body. Take a glass of water with you to bed to keep on your bed side table.
  4. Avoid caffeine after 2 pm on the day of each party. Caffeine may pick you up but it places a strain on your liver – yes that includes espresso martinis!
  5. Take a vitamin C supplement of approximately 3000mg before bed to help your liver detox while you are sleeping. Anti-oxidant boosting herbs such as milk thistle and turmeric can also offer additional liver support.

While your liver is vulnerable to the effects of diet and lifestyle choices, it is also an incredibly resilient organ. If you take good care of it and fuel it with healthy, wholesome foods you’re sure to keep it in tip-top shape for the silly season.