Three Sleep Specialist Tips for a Sleeping Baby

For many parents, there is no better feeling than seeing their baby in a peaceful sleep.

Babies are precious, however, what most new parents come to learn very quickly is that babies have ever-changing needs and schedules.

A lot of parents place importance on trying to get their baby into a routine as soon as possible. but it’s important to realise that this can take time and as babies grow the routine needs to be flexible to grow with them.

We know many parents find it difficult to put their baby down for sleep, so here are three tips from our team of Naturopathic Sleep Specialists, who also happen to be devoted Mothers themselves 

  • 1. Establish a regular and consistent pre-bed routine. This can be highly powerful. Babies learn very quickly and they easily absorb what is happening in the world around them. Therefore, they can be comforted by knowing what is going to happen and in what order. By establishing a pre-bed routine early on, your baby will slowly learn the routine cues that it’s time to go to sleep. The key here is consistency!
  • 2. Remove all stimulating activities (especially electronic devices) 1.5 hours before sleep time. Babies are very sensitive, and while it may be tempting to give your baby or toddler an iPad to help them unwind, screen time will negatively affect their sleep, not to mention affect their eyes and nervous system (there is a lot of research showing the negative effects that digital devices have on developing brains). We strongly recommend that you limit the time your little ones spends on digital devices and if they do have to use it, turn off the blue light as this will prevent eye strain and sleeplessness.
  • 3. Create a soothing sleep-enhancing bedroom. Turn off the main lights in the room (with very young babies, a dim night light is a good idea), have quiet music playing to create a soothing environment, use black-out curtains (very helpful in regulating circadian rhythms) and use comfortable bedding with natural fibres.

Patience and love will get you through the hard patches when you feel like nothing is working. They are only little for such a short amount of time, so we hope you cherish it.

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