Sleep Tight – The Beauty Book

Sleep is the single most IMPORTANT thing that we can and should do every single night to support our bodies to rejuvenate. This is what has inspired chief formulator of SleepDrops, Kirsten Taylor to develop what she describes as the most appropriate sleep supporting remedy on the planet.

What was your main motivation in developing the SleepDrops range?

As a naturopath working in a clinic I had the responsibility of supporting my clients’ health for several years. I realised that if they weren’t sleeping well, all the other health conditions they were presented with would take longer to come into balance.
I became aware of how crucial the impact of a lack of good quality sleep had on our bodies. After researching I found that approximately 47% of people were not sleeping. I looked into what pharmaceutical or natural health products were available to assist sleep conditions. I discovered drug and supplement companies were not addressing the underlying issues for people especially
on-going daily stresses, which were contributing and exacerbating sleep challenges for people. This motivated me to develop my SleepDrops product range to support people get to sleep and stay asleep naturally.

Who can use the SleepDrops range?

Babies, kids, adults, people of all ages are having trouble sleeping in today’s world for so many reasons. SleepDrops can support anyone who wants to get more out of their day and support for a better night’s sleep – young or old.

I have heard you say these products are great, simply, because they work, tell us why they work.

SleepDrops supports people to get better sleep because I have thought about ALL the reasons why people are not sleeping and I have developed a mix and match system. Our unique formulations combine herbs, homoeopathy,  flower essences and nutrients to support healthy sleep naturally. Each individual ingredient is a superstar in its own right. We have included all of the most scientifically researched ingredients and co-factors in our range and when they are combined in the SleepDrops way there is a synergy that occurs. People are able to get an individualized programme by combining one, two, three or four products together. This is something that has never been available on the  market before and it’s one of those great ideas that now it is here people think to themselves “Why didn’t someone do this ages ago?”

Why should people choose SleepDrops over more conventional methods of sleep support?

SleepDrops supports sleep naturally. The SleepDrops adult range is made up of SleepDrops for Adults, DayDrops and Essential Sleep Nutrients which all help to settle over-stimulated minds, reduce worry, turn off mental chatter, support the nervous system, support people to feel more balanced, get more out of their day and ultimately get a better night’s sleep. Our Essential Sleep Nutrients (a powder which is mixed into water) helps to support your nervous system, target stress, rejuvenate your body and mind, support energy levels and the immune system, while assisting liver function and cardiovascular wellbeing. All supporting you get a better night’s sleep.

What is the biggest mistake people make when trying to get to sleep?

Worrying about not being able to sleep! The more you worry, the harder it is to fall asleep! There are two main things people can do to get the best results. One is to set up a good sleep routine before bed. And the second is to be realistic about how much time it will take to come back into balance. If you haven’t slept well for years nothing is going to happen overnight. Feed your nervous system with the right support and give them time to do their job!

And finally, where can we find this product?

SleepDrops are available online at www.sleepdrops.co.nz or on
0800345999 – call one of our 4 naturopaths who can explain the benefits of SleepDrops. They are also available at Health 2000, pharmacies and health stores nationwide.
Kirsten Taylor is an experienced naturopath with a Diploma in Naturopathy  (Honours), Diploma in Medical Herbalism, Diploma in Nutrition, Postgrad Certificate in Natural Fertility and Reproductive Care and Certificate in Homeobotanical Therapy.