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SLeepDrops 14th Birthday



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Ultimate Immune Bundle
Sleep Starter Kit
SleepDrops VIP Sleepers Club Natural Remedy Homeopathic Assistant for sleep wellness and stress
Ultimate Immune Bundle
SleepDrops VIP Sleepers Club Natural Remedy Homeopathic Assistant for sleep wellness and stress

SleepDrops is New Zealand’s No.1 Selling Sleep Range. Our products offer 100% natural support if you are having problems falling asleep, staying asleep or experiencing tiredness & stress throughout the day.

The SleepDrops range offers products for all ages and can be tailored to create a customised solution for your family’s needs. Our award-winning mix and match products have been supporting people all over the world to sleep better for over 12 years and we are proud to say that each SleepDrops product is still made right here in New Zealand!


SleepDrops offer support to go to sleep

Support to stay asleep

Awesome for night sleeps or day naps

Mix and match system

Can be tailor made to your needs

A sleeping solution for all ages

No drowsy after effects

Liquid and easy to take

Containing all natural ingredients

70% of our customers come from word of mouth

Products and laboratory independently tested with 100% pass rates

Worlds First Mix and Match
Sleep and Stress Product Range

Combine products to create your own individual sleep & stress programme.

Step 1:

Choose age or lifestyle appropriate products from our “Go to Sleep” range

Support for children and adults to go to sleep faster and get back to sleep faster

Step 2:

Support sleep quality with our “Stay Sleep” deep restorative sleep support

Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients

Step 3:

Support your health while sleeping

SleepDrops Night Immune 30ml

Step 4:

Stay calm and thrive during the day

Daytime Revive


essn sdni plus ebook

Ultimate Immune Bundle

A nutritional supplement formulated to support normal body response to sleep at night


SleepDrops For Adults

Our No.1 selling remedy! Formulated with researched ingredients to support you if you have a busy mind and can’t switch off before bed

SleepDrops Night Immune 30ml

Night Immune

Night Immune supports your immune system while also supporting healthy sleep – naturally

sdm dtr

Menopause Survival Pack

Are your menopausal symptoms waking you up in the night? Feeling tired during the day? This is the day and night pack for you!


SleepDrops for Babies with Organic Massage oil

Sleep Drops for Babies offers support for newborns and toddlers with a special blend of herbs and natural ingredients. This pack includes a bottle of our gorgeous organic massage oil.

Daytime Revive

Daytime Revive

Full strength support to stay calm, centered, and in control during challenging times


Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients 180 Capsules

Are you struggling to stay asleep at night? Do you often find yourself waking up? This is the nutritional supplement you need!.

sleepdrops health gift pack

SleepDrops Gift Pack

Give that special person in your life sleep and tranquillity with the luxurious SleepDrops Gift Pack. Valued at $80.99 now only $44.99!


SleepDrops for Adults 50ml Combo Pack

Can’t switch off your busy mind at night? You need this value combo pack with 3 month’s supply of SleepDrops for Adults.


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Kirsten Taylor

As a Naturophathic Sleep Specialist, you have my word that these products are life changing. If you want to sleep faster, easier and without struggle, sleep all night without tossing and turning and wake up feeling refreshed SleepDrops is the answer for you! SleepDrops products work and we have the data to prove it. My team and I will work with you to ensure you get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

Lets get you sleeping!

Kirsten Taylor 
CEO of SleepDrops


You can find SleepDrops in PAK’n SAVE New World, Countdown, Chemist Warehouse, Pharmacies and Health Stores throughout NZ.

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