Menopause Support

Get through your day and night with confidence and ease with our carefully formulated products specifically for women experiencing menopausal & perimenopausal symptoms.

We offer comprehensive 24-hour support with products to support you if you can’t fall asleep, if you are waking up during the night, if you feel tired during the day, as well as convenient combo packs that specifically support overall health and vitality.

All our products contain clinically researched, natural plant-based ingredients that support balanced hormones from day to night!

Going to sleep

Your personal firefighter! Our SleepDrops Menopauzzz formulation contains key ingredients to support women’s temperature balance, worries and mind-chatter so you can fall asleep easier! Use just before bed and again during the night at any time.

Easy to use drops to keep on your bedside table as well as spray bottles for you to use on the go!

Staying asleep

Don’t be put off by the long name! Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients is a supplement jammed packed full of specific nutrients to support natural sleep pathways and staying asleep throughout the night.

Daytime support

Daytime Revive has been specifically formulated for you to feel amazing! Ingredients to support mood balance, nervousness, stress, and low energy levels so you can get the most out of your day.

Combo packs