SleepDrops 1 Week to a More Restful Sleep Programme



or 6 weekly interest-free with Laybuy what's this?

This amazing sleep programme includes:

  • A self-sleep assessment and sleep score – showing you where you are now and giving you a bench mark to improve from.
  • 22 tips for sleeping better – tried and tested methods that are proven to improve your sleep
  • 2 guided meditations teaching you how to control your mind and switch off
  • A sleep diary to monitor your progress – day to day data to monitor your progress
  • Step by step guide to creating your perfect wind down routine
  • Gratitude journal inspiration – creating a practice that transforms every day
  • The top 10 blocks to good quality sleep – knowledge is power
  • 7 recommendations for overcoming sleep blocks – You can do this!
  • A wind down focused exercise sequence – your muscles will love you for it
  • 64 foods needed for sleepiness – find out what foods you should be eating
  • 3 x recipes to encourage sleep through nutrition – inspiration for your kitchen
  • A sleep nutrition guide – understanding the impact of feeding your cells
  • Personal tid bits from our founder Kirsten Taylor – knowledge shared has the power to heal

And so much more!

Transform your sleep with this amazing sleep programme. Start with a sleep assessment, analyse your sleep score. Be guided to develop a sleep plan that suits your lifestyle. Learn internationally proven sleep hygiene techniques you can use for life. Relax with guided mediations and control your mind using mantras. This 1 week programme is fun, a little bit luxurious and will hugely improve your sleep.

Here’s some cool reviews about our 1 Week to a More Restful Sleep Programme:

This is an excellent programme and is jam-packed full of useful information. I love how it covers such a broad range of topics. It’s about so much more than just sleep but also assists in adopting a healthier lifestyle plus mindfulness, all of which is so important in today’s busy, stressful environment. It has really helped me to put into place an evening wind-down routine and aim for an earlier bedtime, both of which I have been struggling to consistently achieve.” Becky S

Highly recommended this program a great way to retrain bad sleep habits to good ones. Love the meditation part help to claim my overworking brain Tania M

The different techniques to use to help with a better sleep from a hot bath to learning to meditate it is all very good and practical advice that all my family members can also implement into there night time routines”  Stacey G

Sleep has been an annoying battle since peri-menopause kicked in – I used to always sleep well before then so never needed to intentionally learn good sleep habits. This programme has given me further help with the development of better sleep habits – to the point where I’ve now started to look forward to bedtime 🙂 The information for each night is easy to follow and take on board to find out what works for me. I found the mantra’s really good to help the brain switch off. I’m pleased with how much progress I’ve made in the sleep department in only 7 days Tania H

I enjoyed the meditations. I found they settled me down, I felt more relaxed and the breathing was very successful. Getting to sleep came a lot easier after listening and breathing Heather B