Kids Support (3 yr -12 yr)

Our SleepDrops Kids Range contains fantastic sleep and daytime remedies that have been formulated by professional Sleep Specialists for growing children so they can stay happy and healthy! Our range contains products that support your child if they are having issues falling asleep, are waking up during the night, or are struggling with worries, restlessness & fatigue during the day.

Our products are 100% sugar free, contain only plant-based ingredients and are non-habit forming.

Going to sleep

Our drops are easy to administer and completely natural. Use just before bed and again during the night at any time to support restlessness, tossing and turning, nightmares and falling asleep. Kids just love the taste!

From: $34.90

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Staying asleep

Don’t be put off by the long name! Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients is a supplement jammed packed full of specific nutrients to support natural sleep pathways allowing your child to stay asleep throughout the night and a healthy growing body.

Daytime support

Easy to use drops with ingredients to support your child’s energy levels by balancing them out, as well as times of nervousness & stress, so they can get the most out of their day! Daytime Revive can also be used by the whole family!

Combo Packs

Our combo packs offer comprehensive support from morning to night and are the perfect way to support sleep and overall wellbeing!

From: $89.90

or 6 weekly interest-free with Laybuy