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60 minutes media

60 Minutes April 2014

CBS syndicated and world famous TV show 60 Minutes investigative journalist Carly Flynn researches the modern insomnia epidemic and how NZ company SleepDrops is offering people a serious alternative in their quest for a good nights sleep.



September 2018

Skykiwi – one of the largest local New Zealand Chinese media company interviews founder of SleepDrops, Naturopathic Sleep specialist Kirsten Taylor.



June 2014

SleepDrops Chief formulator and Naturopathic Sleep Specialist Kirsten Taylor on TVNZ morning TV show – Breakfast highlighting the importance for parents to support kids in developing a solid bed time routine and quality sleep.

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TV Commercial

more fm

More FM

March 2016

Naturopathic sleep specialist Kirsten Taylor shares 3 reasons why having good night sleep’s is important.

the originator

bFM Radio

November 2015

Naturopathic Sleep specialist and founder of SleepDrops, Kirsten Taylor talks to Morning Glory DJ Hostess Ester on New Zealand’s popular BFM radio station about the impact of stress on sleep, how to set a good bedtime routine and other helpful tips to get you a great nights sleep.