SleepDrops for Adults 50ml Combo Pack

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Sleep Drops for Adults is New Zealand’s number one selling sleep product and is designed to cover all the bases by supporting normal body processes such as liver function, naturally occurring sleep chemicals and the nervous system. It also provides energetic support for overactive minds, emotional support and covers many other possibilities for a busy mind.

  • SleepDrops® for Adults supports you to go to sleep
  • SleepDrops® for Adults supports you to turn off a busy mind, mind chatter and relax
  • SleepDrops® for Adults can also be used to support you to go back to sleep if waking in the night* see below
  • SleepDrops® for Adults is professionally formulated low dose, rapid absorption and high potency formulation
  • SleepDrops® for Adults can be used by anyone over 12 years of age
  • SleepDrops® for Adults has no drowsy after effects
  • SleepDrops® for Adults are liquid, delicious and easy to take
  • SleepDrops® for Adults is NZ’s No.1 selling sleep remedy for 14 years in a row according to Aztec and iQvia data
  • SleepDrops® for Adults combined beautifully with our “nourishing sleep” Healthy Sleep capsules to support you to sleep through the night if you are tossing and turning or waking in the night
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Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Can’t switch off your busy mind at night?

You need this combo pack with 2 month’s supply of Sleep Drops for Adults!

SleepDrops for Adults has been New Zealand’s Number 1 sleep support formulation for 14 years in a row, helping thousands of people to get to sleep.

Scientifically formulated with a world first blend of 13 herbal medicines, 11 homeopathic preparations and 9 flower essences that support you to switch off your mind that maybe excited, busy, worried or overwhelmed.

What makes this formula unique is the way the specifically chosen ingredients work in synergy supporting your natural relaxation and sleep pathways so that your body remembers how to switch off and fall asleep – naturally.

Keep SleepDrops for Adults on your bedside table so you can use it again to support getting back to sleep if you wake in the night. If waking in the night or tossing and turning, restless sleep is driving you mad, SleepDrops for Adults combined with our high strength Healthy Sleep capsules which nourish and support your deep sleep pathways, work beautifully together – like hardware and software on a computer they are simply better together.

Ask us about our “how to get the most out of our SleepDrops for Adults” e book via support@sleepdrops.co.nz

2 bottles of Sleep Drops for Adults 50ml for only $112.50 – That’s a saving of 25%!

Sleep Drops for Adults turns off your busy mind allowing you to naturally calm down, stop overthinking, relax and naturally drift off to sleep. If you wake in the night you can use SleepDrops for Adults to get back to sleep.

If you are having trouble with waking during the night, we recommend pairing SleepDrops for Adults with our comprehensive Sleep Drops capsules – Healthy Sleep to nourish your nervous and adrenal systems and support deeper, more restorative sleep phases. Check out one of our great combo pack offers to combine SleepDrops for Adults with our Healthy Sleep.

Sleep Drops for Adults contains 13 herbs, 11 homeopathics and 9 flower essences in a base of purified water, organic coconut glycerine and ethanol. There is less than 0.005g of total herb extract per 5 drop dose.

Take Sleep Drops for Adults as per the label instructions, our protocol sheet or as advised by one of our professional naturopathic sleep advisors.

General advice: Sleep Drops for Adults – 5 drops 30 minutes before bed. 5 drops as you get into bed. 5 drops as you turn the light out.
Or as you individually determine to be best for your body. The beauty of the SleepDrops system is that you can tailor make it to your needs.

None expected. Consult your health care professional if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.

2 x Sleep Drops for Adults 50ml

Top Tips from Kirsten Taylor, SleepDrops Founder, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Health Researcher and Sleep Specialist

SleepDrops for Adults is a natural blend of 13 herbal medicines, 11 homeopathics and 9 flower essences. It works to calm you down, relax you and turn off your busy mind. If your mind is very busy, take more drops, if your mind is not so busy just take 5 drops. If you normally take 1 hour to go to sleep, take the 2 hour before bed protocol and each night you’ll go to sleep faster until you fall asleep in the normal amount of time which is 15 minutes.

Once you sleep easier you can drop down your drops to find your perfect dose to meet your body needs. The great thing about our SleepDrops for Adults is you can keep it on your bedside table and take more doses in the night if you are woken. We find 3 doses, each one minute apart does the trick nicely 🙂

When taking SleepDrops for Adults, you shouldn’t experience any side effects although some people can experience a little “sleep hangover” or feel a bit drowsy when they first start sleeping IF they haven’t been sleeping well for a while. This is because the body is now most likely busy doing a whole lot of repair work that it hasn’t been able to do.

If you are taking the drops after drinking alcohol, these drops do not interfere with alcohol but alcohol does interfere with sleep so sometimes it’s better to cut out alcohol for a short time while you get your sleeping under control. If you need any help, give our customer service line a call on 0800345999. Happy sleeping 🙂


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