1 Week to a More Restful Sleep Programme

You need to ensure your body and mind are getting the correct amount of sleep at the right time each night. There is no catch-ups or power naps that can get the same benefits as undisturbed sleep 8 hours every night.

However, there are many aspects of our modern life that can disrupt our sleep and make it harder for people to get the sleep their body really needs, such as:

  • Not prioritising sleep
  • Acute and chronic stress
  • Poor diet
  • Too much caffeine & stimulants
  • 24-hour world
  • Technology
  • Medications and chronic illness
  • Not enough exercise

So, the key to achieving a more restful sleep is implementing strategies, tools, and techniques that will help your body and mind switch off. That, of course, means you’ll need to know exactly what these strategies, tools, and techniques are that will help you get the best results?

I know there is a massive thirst for information so that you can take your sleep and your overall health and happiness to the next level. This is why I wrote my ‘1 Week to a More Restful Sleep Programme’, to help you facilitate great health every day with the power of sleep.

My programme combines tried, tested and true methods of sleep-promoting techniques known as Sleep Hygiene and is jam-packed with strategies to help you get the best results. This is why I am super excited to share with you my ‘1 Week to a More Restful Sleep Programme’.

I have taken everything I have learned over 17 years of helping hundreds of thousands of people sleep better and built this fantastic 7 day and night programme is jam-packed with tools, audios, nutrition and recommendations that promote healthy sleep and contentment, all of which have hugely positive results for thousands of people.

You will get access to our entire ‘1 Week to a More Restful Sleep Programme’ that includes:

  • A self-sleep assessment and sleep score – showing you where you are now and giving you a benchmark to improve from.
  • 22 tips for sleeping better – tried and tested methods that are proven to improve your sleep
  • 2 guided meditations – teaching you how to control your mind and switch off
  • A sleep diary to monitor your progress – day-to-day data to monitor your progress
  • Step by step guide to creating your perfect wind-down routine
  • Gratitude journal  inspiration – creating a practice that transforms every day
  • The top 10 blocks to good quality sleep – knowledge is power
  • 7 recommendations for overcoming sleep blocks – You can do this!
  • A wind down focused exercise sequence – your muscles will love you for it
  • 3 x recipes to encourage sleep through nutrition – inspiration for your kitchen
  • A sleep nutrition guide – understanding the impact of feeding your cells
  • Personal tidbits from our founder Kirsten Taylor – knowledge shared has the power to heal
  • And so much more!

This programme has everything you need to master sleep by making small nightly changes and creating positive steps to improve your sleep from night 1!

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Here are some cool reviews about our 1 Week to a More Restful Sleep Programme:

This is an excellent programme and is jam-packed full of useful information. I love how it covers such a broad range of topics. It’s about so much more than just sleep but also assists in adopting a healthier lifestyle plus mindfulness, all of which is so important in today’s busy, stressful environment. It has really helped me to put into place an evening wind-down routine and aim for an earlier bedtime, both of which I have been struggling to consistently achieve.” Becky S

Highly recommended this program a great way to retrain bad sleep habits to good ones. Love the meditation part help to claim my overworking brain” Tania M

The different techniques to use to help with a better sleep from a hot bath to learning to meditate it is all very good and practical advice that all my family members can also implement into there night time routines”  Stacey G

Sleep has been an annoying battle since peri-menopause kicked in – I used to always sleep well before then so never needed to intentionally learn good sleep habits. This programme has given me further help with the development of better sleep habits – to the point where I’ve now started to look forward to bedtime ? The information for each night is easy to follow and take on board to find out what works for me. I found the mantra’s really good to help the brain switch off. I’m pleased with how much progress I’ve made in the sleep department in only 7 daysTania H

I enjoyed the meditations. I found they settled me down, I felt more relaxed and the breathing was very successful. Getting to sleep came a lot easier after listening and breathingHeather B