Men (45 years+)

Take control of your sleep patterns with our products specifically formulated for mature men who wake during the night to pee. We have comprehensive support if you are having problems falling asleep, waking up during the night and daytime support for when you are tired during the day. We also have convenient combo packs designed to give you 24-hour support so you can feel your best all day, every day!

Going to sleep

Make falling asleep easy with our SleepDrops Menzzz formula that supports a busy mind, healthy prostate function and libido.

From: $34.90

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Staying asleep

Nutritional supplement packed full of premium nutrients to support staying asleep throughout the night so you wake up refreshed!

Daytime support

Daytime products formulated for you to feel amazing! Ingredients to support nervousness, stress, and low energy levels so you can get the most out of your day.

Combo packs

Our combo packs offer comprehensive support from morning to night and are the perfect way to support sleep and overall wellbeing!

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From: $60.00

or 6 weekly interest-free with Laybuy