Protecting your immune system E-Book


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Everything you need to know about Sleep and Immunity. This ebook includes information on the following topics:

  • What is the immune system?
  • Ten signs your immune system needs support.
  • Ten MUST DO strategies to balance your immune system.
  • Sleep and its relationship to inflammation and the immune system.
  • The fascinating relationship between Sleep and viruses.
  • Sleep and cancer – The difference between recovering and not?
  • The importance of great hygiene and how to protect yourself from infection.
  • World health organisation safe hands protocol.
  • How to manage public washrooms and what to do in shared accommodation.
  • How do I know what medicine is best for me?
  • Herbal medicine for a healthy immune system.
  • Why probiotics are so important for our immune system.
  • Why we should love vitamin C.
  • Strategies to help your body recover from a virus.
  • Understanding the gut/immune system connection.
  • Nourishing food to support your immune system.
  • Recipes & resources and much much more!
  • Make positive changes to your immune system health today.