Protecting your immune system E-Book



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Everything you need to know about Sleep and Immunity. This ebook includes information on the following topics:

  • What is the immune system?
  • Ten signs your immune system needs support.
  • Ten MUST DO strategies to balance your immune system.
  • Sleep and its relationship to inflammation and the immune system.
  • The fascinating relationship between Sleep and viruses.
  • Sleep and cancer – The difference between recovering and not?
  • The importance of great hygiene and how to protect yourself from infection.
  • World health organisation safe hands protocol.
  • How to manage public washrooms and what to do in shared accommodation.
  • How do I know what medicine is best for me?
  • Herbal medicine for a healthy immune system.
  • Why probiotics are so important for our immune system.
  • Why we should love vitamin C.
  • Strategies to help your body recover from a virus.
  • Understanding the gut/immune system connection.
  • Nourishing food to support your immune system.
  • Recipes & resources and much much more!
  • Make positive changes to your immune system health today.

“Protecting your immune system” is not just an analysis of the latest scientific information, it is filled with practical information that you can implement at home starting today to positively influence your health and your ability to protect your immunity.  The immune system has a crucial role in fending off foreign intruders and protecting your health. Without your immunity, you are left vulnerable and are prone to developing health conditions that are potentially preventable.

At a time when taking care of your health and immunity has never been more important, SleepDrops CEO and Founder; Kirsten Taylor, is proud to bring her wealth of knowledge and a variety of peer reviewed scientific studies to show you how to balance your immune system.

Filled with practical tips and lifestyle hacks, Protecting your Immunity will decode what it takes to support your immunity in modern society, as well as provide useful information to transform you and your family’s health!