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For many NZ women, menopause is not an easy road to navigate. Women are still experiencing A LOT of shame and embarrassment about the physical, mental and emotional changes that they go through in this stage of life. Sometimes it can feel like there is no one to talk to and limited resources on how to manage menopause effectively.

Menopause should NOT be a topic that is covered with shame – in other cultures throughout the world, menopause is seen as a rebirth! A milestone that is celebrated, as it signifies growth, wisdom and a new era of womanhood.

We are on a mission to help you feel EMPOWERED again and to take back control of your body. Throughout November we will be offering amazing deals on our Menopause packs so that you can get the sleep you deserve!

Why Sleepdrops menopauzzz?

SleepDrops Menopauzzz uses effective ingredients that work synergistically to target various hormonal concerns, with herbs such as Chaste Tree and Black Cohosh to ease the unwanted experiences commonly associated with menopause, such as hot flushes, mood swings, and disrupted sleep. It also has balancing, calming and cooling properties to aid in temperature regulation, mood balance and mental stress. Say goodbye to unpleasant monthly symptoms and sleepless nights!

Combining research-based dosing with proven science, this carefully crafted formulation can be used long-term to support hormonal health and female well-being and can even be used alongside other prescription medications.

SleepDrops Menopauzzz has been specifically formulated for menopausal women BY women! Now you can beat the heat and get a healthy sleep routine going this summer with one of our best-selling sleep products on the market.

Supports temperature balance during the night

 Supports feeling hot and flushed

 Supports good quality sleep during menopause

 Supports an overactive mind at bedtime

Survive Menopause with our exclusive November offers

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It’s time to upgrade your strategy and take back control of your sleep!

Our fantastic “Ultimate Menopause Survival Pack” contains:

SleepDrops Menopauzzz – 25ml spray

SleepDrops Menopauzzz is an all-natural sleep product containing 8 scientifically researched herbs and 8 homoeopathic to support relaxation, quality sleep, temperature balance, healthy weight, healthy libido,  worries, sadness and mood balance. These are combined with a beautiful blend of New Zealand made flower essences which will support you mentally and emotionally so you have enough resilience to handle all that menopause is throwing at you!

Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients capsules – 180 capsules

Getting the deep restorative sleep your body needs is easy! Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrient capsules are a high strength nutritional supplement with scientifically researched ingredients that have been shown to support sleep. If you are stressed and/orwaking up during the night, this is the supplement for you. Our special formulation contains Tart Cherry which is a source of sleep-inducing phytochemicals and antioxidants, Magnesium to calm the nervous system –  Zinc, B5, B6, and high dose Vitamin C, along with other specially chosen co-factors, to naturally support your nervous system and healthy sleep halfways-ultimately giving you the best support for a good night sleep.

Daytime Revive – 25ml spray

Many women experience changes in their ability to handle situations as well as they used to be able to. Previously these rock star, high achievers, who were never scared of a thing are now “worried for no reason” about simple interactions and their ability to complete tasks at work and in social situations. Whilst some products on the market work on a purely a flower essence level giving minor temporary support our Daytime Revive has been formulated to offer more comprehensive support on more levels. The synergy of the 18 herbs, 4 homoeopathic and 9 flower essences working together bolster your resilience, bringing you balance and a sense of control. You can do this! Quite honestly the feedback we get on Daytime Revive is exceptional and we simply guarantee you will love this product!

FREE GIFT – DIVINE SLEEP Aromatherapy Room and Pillow Spray – 50ml 

Divine Sleep Aromatherapy Room and Pillow Sleep Spray is a luxurious and relaxation-inducing blend of the highest quality organic essential oils. Featuring Manuka, Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Lavender oils. The sleep specialists at SleepDrops have blended this beautiful relaxing aroma to create a haven in your bedroom infused with peace, comfort, calm and tranquillity.


I’m 47 years old. Recently I’ve put on weight and things have started to change with my cycle.
I want to empower women to talk about these changes, to normalize this compulsory transition and to ensure women are supported during this potentially challenging but personally rewarding next phase in our lives. I will help you through this because I am “you”.

Kirsten Taylor
CEO Of SleepDrops

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