Naturally support quality, restful and restorative sleep for your little one

  • Soothes and settles into healthy sleep
  • Unique formulation specifically for sleep in infants and toddlers
  • Proudly made in New Zealand by an award winning team of sleep specialists

A Gentle Helping Hand In Your Baby’s Growth

Restless and crying before bedtime? There are plenty of reasons as to why your baby may be experiencing restlessness stopping them from sleeping well. The most common reason is some kind of discomfort — they have a lot of growing and developing going on. Teething or new eating habits, childhood illnesses and changes at home or day care can impact on sleep. Specifically formulated to support all the common experiences 0 to 3 years olds endure, SleepDrops for Babies helps soothe your little one’s nervous system giving them the support they need to achieve restful, healthy sleep – naturally.

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Oftentimes it’s their sore tummy that might be causing distress. Immune system responses can increase as your baby digests breast milk or baby formula, causing irregular bowel movements, going too often or not enough. Support sleep with gentle, natural ingredients that calm the nervous system as well as the digestive system, normal responses to growing teeth and much more for your precious wee one.

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Carefully blended with eleven scientifically researched herbs, SleepDrops for Babies soothes away any sleeping struggles by helping the body to respond naturally to these common occurrences.

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Support your little one’s active life by assuring full hours of blissful sleep! Their joy is your joy too and your peace of mind, knowing you are doing all you can and they are thriving from all the benefits natural sleep brings.

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Allergic responses heighten as your baby intakes mother’s breast milk or baby formula, causing chaos in the digestive system. Regulate digestive health with gentle, natural ingredients made to combat low-grade allergens.

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Mindfully blended with eight scientifically researched herbs, SleepDrops for Babies soothe sleeping struggles caused by an overactive mind and other body responses.

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Support your little one’s active life by assuring full hours of blissful sleep! Their joy is your joy too.

All Natural Herbal Help Formulated by Experts

All our products contain natural ingredients that have proven scientific benefits. They’re certified safe for everyone!

Here are some ingredients we use:

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“Sleep isn’t just key to good health, it plays a huge role in our well-being too. When you aren’t sleeping properly, you feel stressed, agitated, and worn. This has a big effect on how you live, work, and enjoy what life has to offer.

SleepDrops is naturally formulated with herbs and other ingredients that are proven by scientific research to affect restful, lasting sleep. We did away with artificial additives that had potentially harmful side effects in the long term.

With SleepDrops, you get to sleep and stay asleep naturally. That way you get to enjoy more out of your life.”

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Kirsten Taylor Signature

Kirsten Taylor
CEO Of SleepDrops

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in SleepDrops for Babies?

Filled with a gentle herbal and Homeopathic blend formulated by experts, SleepDrops for Babies contains:
Organic Coconut Glycerine, purified water, ethanol, Corydalis ambigua (Corydalis), Eschscholzia californica (Californian poppy), Humulus lupus (Hops), Lavandula officinalis (Lavender), Matricaria recutita (Chamomile), Passiflora incarnate (Passionflower), Piper methysticum (Kava), Scutellaria baicalensis (Baical Skullcap), Albizia lebbeck (Albizia), Viburnum opulus, (Cramp bark) Zizyphus jujuba (Zyziphus) with Homeopathic Calc phos, Chamomilla, Colocynthis, Kreosotum, Mag phos, combined with flower essences.

How do I take SleepDrops for Babies?

Drops are put under the tongue, or close to the tongue and lips, inside the mouth. To support normal sleep, administer 1-2 drops when your baby goes down. Babies can also have 1 drop to re-establish calm. If they wake during the night, your baby can be given another drop each 5 to 10 minutes of awake time until sleep is restored.

Each bottle comes with an information booklet and protocol sheet as a quick guide for you to get results quickly! For further your baby’s guidance, call our support team: 0800 345 999 during office hours.

What does it taste like?

These drops are a perfectly palatable liquid formula that you pop under your tongue using the dropper provided with the bottle. The drops have a slight zingy and herbal flavour.

How many drops per bottle?

The 30ml bottle contains 600 drops – that’s up to 600 doses – which means GREAT VALUE!