How to choose the right combination

Rather than trying to cram everything into one formula and compromising any therapeutic benefit Kirsten Taylor our Chief formulator decided to focus on creating specific highly effective formulae to offer the ultimate in support for each different person.

It’s not a case of “ do you want fries with that”?
It is an opportunity to tailor make a personalised programme to suit your individual requirements.
It’s all part of our Sleep smarter, Live Better philosophy.

We know this may be a new concept for you so we have created interactive flow chart so you can easily understand how the range can work as individual remedies or be combined for even better results.

Follow the chart and when you get to the product/s that are best for your particular
sleeping or stress challenge click on the image and you will be taken through to a special page for that product.
It’s nice and easy.

Still not sure which product is right for YOU?

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 345 999 or contact us here and one of our professional sleep specialists will be happy to support you with a consultation free of charge.