Kate's SleepDrops Story

After 4 nights of SleepDrops for Babies, Kate’s 19 months old girl  slept through the night first time ever. *

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4 year old's SleepDrops Story

We found a huge difference with SleepDrops for Kids. *

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Amy's SleepDrops Story

15 weeks pregnant Amy found using SleepDrops for Adults amazing. *

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Isabel's SleepDrops Story

Isabel’s baby girl was waking up every hour at night time. After SleepDrops for Babies, she wakes up only once or twice during night. *

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Nik's SleepDrops Story

6 months pregnant Nik was recommended SleepDrops for Adults which really helped her sleep all through the night. *

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Tony's SleepDrops Story

Tony has been taking SleepDrops for Adults and Powder. He has really good night sleep. *

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1 year old baby's SleepDrops Story

1 year old sleeps consistently at night. *

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SleepDrops helped me

Thank you for helping me out, SleepDrops. *

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SleepDrops saved my life and sanity.

I’d like to thank you for Sleep Drops, they have been fabulous and saved my life and sanity. I am a long term insomniac and have been a regular prescription sleep medication user. My doctor had become concerned about my dependency but when I tried to wean myself off I had no success. I tried several alternative sleep formulations which either had no effect or made me violently ill (valerian??).I decided to try Sleep Drops after I came across them at the supermarket. I have to admit that I was very sceptical and did not for a minute expect them to work. From the very first night though they have been absolutely fantastic and I don’t get the “woolly headed” feeling the next day that the prescription medication gave me. I am so happy and grateful to you for creating Sleep Drops. Love and blessings to you!

Elizabeth Walker / Auckland

Hi, just wanted to let you know that these products are working for us!

Been using SleepDrops for Kids on my 5yr old and apart from having a cold during that time she has begun sleeping soundly through the night (that hasn’t happened since she was born!). She still has trouble some nights going to sleep, but after a dose or two she usually settles easily. Either way, there has been a dramatic change in her sleeping behaviour since we started these drops. I’m sticking with them!
Also for myself I am finding relief from insomnia using the powder (I feel like my sleep is deeper and less disrupted)… also do find the Daytime Revive to help me out when I’m feeling lethargic…especially good at 3pm!
So thanks very much for developing these products…they are well worth discovering!

Lana Finch / Auckland

My Testimonial

I started taking sleep drops approximately 5 years ago after weeks of having only a couple of hours sleep a night. I had immediate results from them and after a few nights was back to my normal sleep pattern. I now only need to take them occasionally when required.

Raewyn / Auckland

Just to say how pleased we are with the sleep drops for babies.

We were having a really rough time with our 13 month old. A good night was when she would sleep for 3 hours straight but when we used the drops we noticed the difference from the first night! We have been using the drops for nearly two weeks and there have been nights where she has slept for 7 hours which has been amazing! She’s still struggling with getting back to sleep during the night and can be up for quite a while, but we are hoping that will change with time. They are such a life saver as I was really struggling with the broken sleep, also the feeling of guilt that my baby was not getting the sleep she needed. The only problem is that while I was giving her more drops to help her settle during the night I accidentally dropped the bottle spilling over half! That stuff is like liquid gold to me so you can imagine my feeling of dispare that night! We are now desperately working on saving up for another bottle so we can buy one before this one runs out.

Abbey Glass / Auckland

Adult sleep drops have literally changed my life for the better.

Adult sleep drops have literally changed my life for the better. Since around five years ago, I have had serious problems waking during the night and not being able to get back to sleep, sometimes laying awake for hours. Most recently I have even had issues falling to sleep when retiring. I knew I needed help & fast. Lack of sleep was negatively affecting my mood, behaviour and overall outlook on life. I did not want to go to pharmaceutical drugs as I see it as a road to nowhere.
These sleep drops allow me to have a calm, peaceful and very restful sleep while still feeling alert & ready to go in the morning. I’m so grateful I found this product and wanted to express my gratitude. Hopefully this testimonial can help encourage someone else who is struggling to try them.

Jenny / Auckland

WOW so amazing this Menopauzzz stuff !

So I am a bit of a sceptic about homeopathy. But in the same day last week both my husband & I heard the ad for Menopauzzz on The Sound FM, when he came home he said hey why don’t you try this stuff… I said funny you say that cos I just bought some. Anyway I have only used it for 4 nights & have to tell you I had THE BEST sleep last night that I’ve had for the last few years. OMG bed at 10pm 5 drops woke up at 6 with the kitten on my head. WOW so amazing this Menopauzzz stuff need to get me some more asap! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Tracey / Auckland

We are AMAZED!

The drops have arrived and we have had the chance to use them last night. I just wanted to let you know that we are AMAZED! After 6 long, sleep deprived months we were ready to try anything, I just wish we had found out about these drops sooner! Thank you so much for bringing some peace and sleep to our household, I will recommend to all my mummy friends.

Very happy customer!!

Anja / Christchurch

Your product is amazing!

Hi, Just to let you know that your product is amazing . My son is 9 months old and suffers from Williams Syndrome so basically does not produce melatonin along with many other problems. It works, it works. I have now told all the other parents that have children with Williams Syndrome as we have a private group about your product.

Sophie / Whangaparaoa

SleepDrops have given me a new sense of living

Hi, I have been using your products for just on a year now and they have taken me from a tired irritated person that could not get off to sleep very well, when I did get off to sleep i would usually wake several times during the night taking a long time to go back to sleep. I do shift work so my sleep patterns can be irregular. Sleep drops have gotten me to a stage where almost every night now I am asleep within 10 minutes of turning the light off and only wake occasionally, when I do wake I am able to get back to sleep a lot easier than I used to.
Thank you for all your help. It is one of the best things I have ever invested my money into buying, it has given me a new sense of living.

Martin / Dunedin

Wow, what a difference!

My wife and I weren’t sleeping badly, or so we thought, but we tried your SleepDrops and wow, what a difference! We are waking up feeling like we have slept the whole night and are so much happier to each other – it has made home life better than I can explain.

Peter / Auckland

Thank you so much

My 13 year old daughter has been finding getting to sleep really hard lately (maybe being a teenager) we’ve tried lots of different remedies with no change until we found sleep drops. It worked! Thank you so much, Ali is sleeping again.

Karen / Christchuch

Thank you

Thank you Kirsten and your amazing Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients sachets. This formula has enabled me to sleep soundly and stay asleep and fully recharge. Can fully recommend this product to get you through hard times and help you recover through proper and restorative sleep.
Thank you Kirsten!

Steph / Auckland

I feel like a new person

All I can say is WOW! I have to admit, I didn’t think Sleep Drops were going to work, but luckily for me your product comes with a money back guarantee, so I tried them. The first night my sleep was a bit better and I woke up feeling like I had actually rested for the first time in years. But the cool thing is that from the second and third night I really started sleeping. I am a new person and I can’t thank you enough. *

S.J.P / Gisborne

I can’t go without them

I use my sleep drops every night and didn’t realize l would miss them until going away and not taking them 2 nights without sleep.
My daughter got me on to them and now l can’t go with them. I have put quite a few friends onto them!

Barbara / Whangamata

I love it and enjoy going to bed now

I have suffered from lack of sleep for years. In March I started using Sleep drops and I now sleep soundly. I can’t believe how wonderful the product is. I love it and enjoy going to bed now. Thank you for the amazing sleepdrops!

Heather / Papakura

Little drops of magic

Well I wont be needing that money back guarantee. I am sleeping sleeping sleeping! Not only that, but I have put a reminder in my calendar because I don’t ever want to run out. These drops are pure MAGIC. Bravo! *

E.T / New Lynn

A real lifesaver

After having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep all night for about 2 years, I have been using the Sleep Drops for 5 months now. I’m down to only using 5 drops a night and that helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. They really are a lifesaver, thank you. *


Happy with my investment

Over the years I have tried many different sleeping products but none of them have worked. I was hesitant to spend more money on another sleeping product that wouldn’t work, but I am pleased to say that I am now sleeping right through the night for the first time in 10 years.It didn’t happen straight away but after a few weeks and some helpful advice from your team, I am now sleeping like a normal person. *

Wendy / Northland

Well worth the effort

Your support and my perseverance has paid off. You were right, it took a while for those magnesium levels to get up, but at the fifth week mark I started sleeping like a baby. I am sooo pleased and tell absolutely everyone who will listen they have to give Sleep Drops a go. You guys seriously know what you are talking about. *

Shirley / Christchurch

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and say how much I appreciate your sleep drops!

I am a mother of 2 little ones…my youngest will be 1 year in a couple of weeks. Post her birth I struggled to sleep (as most mothers of newborns do) however she was sleeping well and I wasn’t, for quite sometime. So I got on to your sleep drops and they worked wonders! I was struggling to go to sleep and also suffering from waking once or twice throughout the night……they seemed to curer both.

It was truly amazing, so I wanted you to hear another successful story thanks to your wonderful sleep drops. *

Pip / Christchurch

A more happy and calm girl

I brought this for my step daughter who is 3 1/2 because every night as soon as we said bed time it was another 3-5 hours before she went to sleep as she would get out of bed screaming, she would wet her self because she worked her self up to such a point, after 2 nights of giving her the sleep drops we noticed a more calm and happy girl, I diddnt believe this product would work as we tried so many others. I have recommended this to Atleast 10 other people and will continue to do so. This is an amazing product and I can’t thank you enough. *

Cory / Rotorua

What an  improvement

I have been having an uphill battle with stress levels, oversleeping, and a fairly shoddy mood. I have recently started taking Day Drops. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!! I honestly cannot believe something in this simple has been so effective! My fatigue is all but gone during the Daytime, my stress levels are far more managable, and my quality of sleep has me waking up in the morning feeling energised, instead of sluggish and tired. I am so impressed with this product, and will be reccomending the entire sleep drops range to all my friends and family. I am so much happier for it! *


A very happy mum!

Hi, I just wanted to say now happy I current am with the help of your sleep drops. I have a son who has mild Dyspraxia and Aspergers, who has for years struggled to go off to sleep. He has been taking melatonin every night for a couple of years. I saw your sleep drops on 60 minutes and finally decided to give them a go on my younger son (5 years) who has been struggling to go to sleep after full on days at school. They have been settling him off to sleep well so I decided to try them on my eldest son instead of his melatonin and they have been amazing. He hasn’t taken a melatonin tablet in weeks. Awesome! A very happy mum!! Thank-you. *


Love love love you

I love you sleep drops I have had 5 sleeps in row, my first in 4 years, I never thought I would sleep again. Love love love you . *

Kay / Christchurch

Thanks so much!

Just had to write a quick message to say I’m loving the SleepDrops like never before!
My sleeping issues seem to have gone out the door completely, I go to sleep straight away now and even after getting up to feed Oscar, I’m straight back to sleep again. I’m feeling better than I felt before despite getting up a few times in the night!
And Oscar loves his SleepDrops for Babies too, they get him off to sleep so much faster and he has lovely long deep sleeps.Thanks so much! *

So that was huge!

SleepDrops received and used on Friday. My little one only woke once that night (normally 4-5 times), so that was huge! *


Can I add my praise of your wonderful SleepDrops?

My husband has terminal cancer and is in the last months of his life. This is a hugely stressful time and not sleeping was making my life hell and making it hard to make the best of the time we have left together. From the first night I used SleepDrops I have slept well, got back to sleep quickly if I did wake to go to the toilet and have woken with energy every morning. The Daytime Revive help keep me calm and focused during the day. Thank you a million times over. *
Lorraine LGK / Dannevirke

This is the perfect remedy for me.

Hi there,
I received your SleepDrops last week and as from first night on they worked like a dream. ( literally). I only had to get the number of drops right over first few nights but now this is worked out.
It is a treasure having a good night sleep.
What an excellent product. This is the perfect remedy for me. *
Martine Le Coultre / A Happy Customer

Yes I sleep and it definitely works.

Hi Kirsten.
After years of little or broken sleep I made a decision in Febuary 2012 to do something about it. I have been on an amazing journey and I was prepared to try anything to acheive it.
I started with exercised five days a week, hypnotism, relaxation tapes, read books on the subject , five different types of over the counter sleeping tablets, had my body clock reset and listened and tried everything I was advised. Although all these things definitely helped I still had problems waking and continued broken sleep.On July 30th 2012 I found the SleepDrops range and now I sleep, yes I sleep and it definitely works. *
Mark / Pukekohe

Thanks Kirsten and SleepDrops to help me get my sleep back.

Hi Kirsten,
This is Sheldon. I would like you to know that SleepDrops work great for me.
I have developed a bad sleeping disorder because I have allergic rhinitis – nasal congestion. I am under treatment for the allergic rhinitis. But to solve this sleep disorder caused by the allergic rhinitis, believe me I have tried many sleep aids, including things that knock me out, but I wake up feeling sluggish and groggy the next day. The SleepDrops are the only one solution that has helped me to get a good night’s sleep and I wake up refreshed and charged up for the next day.
Thanks Kirsten and SleepDrops to help me get my sleep back.
Cheers, *

I am sleeping the best I have in my whole life!

Your SleepDrops work so well. I am sleeping the best I have in my whole life!
Thank you very much. I am now getting my son onto them! *
Gill / Retired teacher

Thank you for the prompt service

Package arrived this morning. Thank you for the prompt service *

I’ve had the best sleep ever 3 nights in a row

I have started using the Essential Sleep Nutrients this week and WOW – they are amazing. I’ve had the best sleep ever 3 nights in a row. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks at night. Think I may have found the answer to a good nights sleep  🙂 *
Leanne Williams

My son has slept 7 of those nights without waking

Have been using the sleepDrops (SleepDrops for Babies) for the last 9 nights. My son has slept 7 of those nights without waking. Thank you for a product that works! *
Dornae Ray

Thank you Kirsten for the wonderful help you have given me

Kia ora Kirsten!
At last, the long promised email after hearing you being interviewed on Radio Live by host Joe Reid 13-14 August 2011.
I happened to tune in when you were just about to arrive, then the introduction”Kirsten Taylor, Queen of Sleep!”I finally managed to speak with you over the phone that week and on your advice, I bought some Magnesium on the 20th August 2011. I took one dose, then visited my neighbour in hospital.
As I sat by her bed, I happened to help stretch out fingers on my right hand, lo and behold ! they just opened ! Likewise with my left hand, the better of the two.
I looked at my watch, the time was 3pm…..I was flabbergasted and amazed at the change.
The aches around my back and neck had gone…they are still GONE.
As I left the hospital that afternoon, I walked on air ….I rang different people about my experience.During the week, when I started taking the Magnesium you recommended my hours of sleep improved, I was more relaxed and of course no aches.Thank you Kirsten for the wonderful help you have given me and I am sure to many, many more.Go well always, *Our Magnesium is in our awesome Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients 🙂
Kare Leathem

Its wonderful!

Thank you for helping me get to sleep faster and increasing the quality of my sleep. I always have amazing dreams after I take SleepDrops and now only need to take 2-3 drops per night then I’m out like a light – its wonderful! *
Tina L

Help me return to sleep quicker at night

I have found that the Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients have really helped balance my stress and help me return to sleep quicker at night.
Thanks *

My daughter willing takes SleepDrops for Kids every evening

I have had great relief with the SleepDrops for Kids for my daughter, she willing takes it every evening, some nights she has been quite hyped up and I have had to give her three doses then she finally settles (especially when she’s had a nap during the day) . They have also worked really well for times when I have had to go out in the evenings, she seems not as anxious which has been really helpful and usually when I return home she is still asleep.
Thanks again *
Christina Sue

No success until SleepDrops

Have tried many products in attempt to get a good night’s sleep with little or no success until SLEEPDROPS, more people need to know about it .
If your having trouble sleeping, give them a go & spread the word.
Kind regards *
Ben Spooner / Sales Director

SleepDrops have been the ONLY product to fix my sleeping issues for good

I had issues with sleeping and an inability to fall back to sleep in the middle of the night, on and off for many years… In pursuit of a solution I tried nearly EVERYTHING there is on the market to find a solution – from different herbal supplements, teas, meditation, the list goes on… I wanted to let you know that your SleepDrops have been the ONLY product to fix my sleeping issues for good. Thanks so much for this, I and my family thank you very much for giving me back some sanity! *
Fiona Vette

SleepDrops are the best sleeping aid we have tried

Thank you Kirsten. They (SleepDrops) are the best sleeping aid we have tried ( :  *
Steve Hay

It turned out to be the best buy of the day

Hi I bought the Daytime Revive and SleepDrops for Babies at the parent and child show (thanks Kirsten!) and it turned out to be the best buy of the day.
Thanks for your time and help Regards, *

I started sleeping right through the night

I heard your ad and I am so glad I gave SleepDrops a try. I started sleeping right through the night after the first couple of nights. Nice one. *
Nick / Henderson

I’m sleeping much better

I’m sleeping much better with Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients and the Sleep Drops for Adults. Muscle twitching is now a thing of the past. *
Nick / Henderson

I love SleepDrops

I love SleepDrops. After a lifetime of sleeping problems I now only have the odd few nights where I cannot get to sleep. I have a couple of friends who I got using them too. Thanks again, I appreciate your product and your great service! *

The SleepDrops for Babies have finally kicked in

Wow! The SleepDrops for Babies have finally kicked in, and the last three nights have been fab. I just want to let your other customers know. *

I am sleeping a lot better

I just wanted to let you know I am sleeping a lot better, most nights at least 6-7 hours straight and then will easily fall back to sleep! I love your CD as well, it’s so peaceful to listen to before bed.I am loving your products and have already recommended to some other sleep-deprived friends and family. *
C.B. / Auckland

I highly recommend your products

Hi Kirsten, I’m endlessly impressed by you and your concept. I love your products, they taste great (even my fussy kids will take it) are so easy to use, and they work.

I’ve been had trouble sleeping my entire life, so it’ll take some reprogramming, but with your products I’m certainly getting to sleep sooner (it is so nice not to lie there endlessly every night) and sleeping longer before waking, and returning to sleep quicker.

Thank you again so much. I highly recommend your products and will continue to do so. *

Tavia Kane

You can imagine how happy I am!

At 77-years-old I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to do anything about my sleep – or lack of it – but luckily someone told me about SleepDrops. I have gone from sleeping only 2 or 3 hours a night, to sleeping 5 or 6 and its getting better and better, so you can imagine how happy I am! I am going to add the magnesium powder product you offer in the hope it will get me to 7-8 hours. Thank you so much. *
GDC / Rotorua

I am having the best sleep since I don’t know when!

Hi Kirsten, Thanks so much. I am having the best sleep since I don’t know when! *
V.G. / Auckland

I am finding your SleepDrops to be fantastic!

On a very positive note I am finding your SleepDrops to be fantastic! I’m recommending your product when and wherever possible. *

SleepDrops have helped me tremendously!

Your SleepDrops have helped me tremendously! The combination of the Daytime Revive, Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients and SleepDrops have really improved my sleep and helped me stay at ease during the day. I will definitely be giving it a raving review when our Deputy Editor runs her Sleep story in Good Health. Thanks so much. *
Nicki Beatson / Magazine Manager, Good Health

I wake up in the morning feeling more rested.

Hi Kirsten, I used to have very disturbed sleep. I didn’t have a problem going to sleep, it was the staying asleep that was the problem and I used to wake up feeling like I hadn’t had ANY sleep. If I woke after 4am I didn’t usually go back to sleep at all. I now seem to be staying asleep better. I wake once most nights and need to get up to go to the toilet otherwise I don’t go back to sleep properly. And I dream!! If I wake at 4am I usually go back to sleep and I wake up in the morning feeling more rested. *

Really are a lifesaver

After having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep all night for about 2 years, I have been using the SleepDrops for about 5 months now. I’m down to only using 5 drops a night and that helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. They really are a lifesaver, thank you. *

My sleep levels have improved

Hi Kirsten I have finished my last batch of SleepDrops and I do believe that again my sleep levels have improved. Thanks very much for making such a great product! *

I feel so much better

Hi Kirsten, I just wanted to let you know that you and your team are really helpful and efficient. The service I get is always fast and I feel so much better when taking your products. Thanks again. *
R. Perry

MAGIC sleep drops

Hi Kirsten, we spoke on Tuesday re: Sarah’s miraculous sleeps since taking your MAGIC sleep drops. Just to let you know she is still doing fantastically. *
J.B. / Auckland

I took your SleepDrops and woke up in exactly the same position 9 hours later.

After years of not sleeping, a friend told me about your product. I took your SleepDrops and woke up in exactly the same position 9 hours later. AMAZING! *
J.M. / I.T. Project Manager

I’m very happy with SleepDrops

I have tried NLP, hypnosis, meditation but your SleepDrops helped me have a great night’s sleep. I’m very happy with them. Thank you. *

Its been a success

I am pleased to say that SleepDrops have substantially helped with my sleep. Previous to using this product I would get approximately 4-5hrs (on a good day) of sleep a night, thereby making me just exhausted every day and not a happy person.Since taking the product I believe that my sleep uptake per night has improved to probably 6-7hrs of sleep which for me is a good increase. I am still feeling tired when I get up every day, but not to the extreme ‘exhaustion’ feeling I had, so for me its been a success.

Thanks for making such a good product, especially a New Zealand one!! *


I have slept every night!

Dear Kirsten, you are a miracle worker! Since July I have slept every night! This is the first time in years. I am also dreaming which I haven’t done in many moons and waking up feeling energised – even after a big night on Friday! I am telling everyone I know – maybe won’t need to get the eye bags done after all. Many many thanks. *

Michele Wade

Our daughter is now finally sleeping and staying asleep through the night

Our 13-year-old daughter has had problems staying asleep since birth. Our daughter is now finally sleeping and staying asleep through the night, which means we are getting quality sleep too! I’m so thankful that we picked up the phone and had that chat and tried the drops – I only wish we had known about them years earlier.I would suggest you advertise in something like Treasures and Parenting magazines as there are no doubt many parents and children who would benefit from SleepDrops for Babies and Kids. Thanks again sooo much. *

Jennie, Tony and Sarah Bender

*Testimonial Disclaimer

The SleepDrops range of products is a natural range of remedies designed to work with your body’s natural habits and patterns.
Always read the label and take as directed.
All testimonials on this site are from individuals who have used products from the SleepDrops range.  These testimonials may reflect the user’s  experience but SleepDrops cannot and does not legally guarantee or represent that every user will achieve the same results in the same time frames. Individual results may vary. Factors such as individual sleep challenges, duration of sleeping issues, medications prescribed, metabolism, physique, personal commitment and many other circumstances may offer different results.