SleepDrops Introduction for Oprah Winfrey

Transforming lives one day and one night at a time!

Dear Oprah, I'd like to help you get the most out of your trip to New Zealand. After such a long journey our products ( which are used by international airline pilots) will be perfect to help you to adjust to the time zone by sleeping naturally and our Daytime Revive will have you feeling effortlessly energized, yet calm and focused to meet all your obligations during the day. SleepDrops is committed to creating stress and sleep remedies that nurture and support people's bodies, minds and spirits.
We have remedies that give you peace from your fears, stresses and feelings of overwhelm or excitement to get a good nights sleep so that you can wake up and face your day - good or bad - what ever life is asking you to "be" with right now.
We have remedies to give you a sense of calm yet energized resilience so you can be focused, productive and get the most out of your day. We also have remedies to soothe the nervous systems and encourage sleep of kids and babies too....By combining herbs, homeopathy, flower essences and nutritional compounds to support stress and sleep we can help bring back joy, laughter and balance to support people to lead extraordinary lives!
With the most love and respect Kirsten Taylor

Daytime Revive is my favorite remedy! People describe feeling calm yet energized, focused yet relaxed….in a recent survey 98% of respondents gave this a 4/5 star rating!!

SleepDrops for Adults combines 13 herbs, 11 homeopathics and 9 flower essences to switch off your mind and allow you to fall into a refreshing sleep faster without struggle

Offering your body key nutritionals to feed all your sleep pathways and control your stress hormones, this delicious formulation is comprehensive on all levels.

Wowzers! Kids these days have too much to worry about. School induced anxiety, stresses at home, poor nutrition and hyper excited nervous systems. This gentle yet effective remedy helps them get some important sleep and recuperation.

It seems like every second baby is diagnosed with silent reflux, has birth interventions, reacts to medications or the food they are given…this gentle formula supports all body systems to help them get quality sleep at a crucial time in their development..

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* DayDrops has recently been renamed Daytime Revive