Sleep Starter Kit
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The Sleep Starter Kit is the most effective way to get sleeping again – containing our favourite and most popular SleepDrops products from NZ’s No 1 selling and only award winning specialist sleep range.

SleepDrops has got you covered with products to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and give you the tools to change your sleep patterns for ever!

The SleepDrops Sleep Starter Kit is the perfect introduction to our SleepDrops products and has been designed to support you to fall asleep, stay asleep through the night, as well as provide you with valuable and insightful coaching, so you can start taking your sleep and life to the next

What our customers have to say!

“I was pretty skeptical at first but I have to say that my sleep has trasformed after using the Sleep Starter Kit. It was a great way to trial the SleepDrops products at a great price! Very impressed”


“SleepDrops for Adults paired with Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients really helped me! I followed the protocol for 1 month and I can now sleep! Life-changing”


“This is an excellent programme and is jam-packed full of useful information. I love how it covers such a broad range of topics. It’s about so much more than just sleep but also assists in adopting a healthier lifestyle plus mindfulness, all of which is so important in today’s busy, stressful environment. It has really helped me to put into place an evening wind-down routine and aim for an earlier bedtime, both of which I have been struggling to consistently achieve”




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  • Effective and delicious formula that flexes with your mind. Super busy mind? No worries – Take more

  • Superior high strength nutritional formula that delivers the exact ingredients for optimal results to keep you sleeping for longer, deeper, throughout the night – Yes please

  • 17 years of scientifically proven sleep hygiene tips. Only what works and none of what doesn’t in an easy to read and entertaining coaching programme – We will have you sleeping like a baby in no time!


As a Naturopathic Sleep Specialist, you have my word that these products are life changing. If you want to sleep faster, easier and without struggle, sleep all night without tossing and turning and wake up feeling refreshed SleepDrops is the answer for you! SleepDrops products work and we have the data to prove it. My team and I will work with you to ensure you get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

Lets get you sleeping!

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Kirsten Taylor Signature

Kirsten Taylor
CEO Of SleepDrops

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