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After all it’s our motto!

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24/09/2018 | Will you help make our dreams come true? Investment opportunity with SleepDrops

Dear Friend of SleepDrops, Will you consider joining us in making our dreams come true?

This is a personal invitation from SleepDrops founder Kirsten Taylor to help SleepDrops achieve a great dream. We want to help people all over the world sleep better and to share our success with you by inviting you to become “owners” in SleepDrops. With just a small investment – together we can achieve GREAT things, have a lot of fun and help people sleep and lead healthier, happier lives. There is NO doubt about it. Sleep is BIG business now and SleepDrops is well placed to become a serious solution to hundreds of millions of people.

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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”.

Harriet Tubman’s quote summarises the journey of entrepreneurship for SleepDrops founder Kirsten Taylor. 9 years of hard work later SleepDrops is well placed to become a major player in the world of sleep medicine.

Originally herbal remedies for her private patients, the SleepDrops range of products now grace the shelves of nearly every pharmacy, health store and supermarket in NZ. Her vision and determination to help people sleep better so they can lead healthier, happier lives has kept her going against the odds and lack of funding, having started as a single mum without capital. Her formulations are so good, others try and fail to imitate them. Despite all this she has accomplished great things for NZ’s own  – SleepDrops.

Now with your support she wants to help the 300 million Chinese not sleeping and the 150 million American insomniacs. SleepDrops is already FDA registered!

No longer just a dream, SleepDrops is potentially, a wonderful investment opportunity. In just a few weeks SleepDrops will be launching its Equity Crowd funding campaign and if everybody puts in a small amount SleepDrops plans to help hundreds of millions of people sleep.

Please visit to sign up to our equity crowdfunding newsletter. There is no obligation to invest at this time. It’s simply an opportunity for you to learn more. Should you wish to invest a small or large amount when we go live in a few weeks, then that’s wonderful.

In the last 10 months we have done a lot of very cool things, (click to see) which I would like to share with you. Hopefully, you will think to yourself, ‘Holy Moly’ if this is what SleepDrops can achieve without crowd funding support then they are going to absolutely FLY with everyone behind them!

To make all of this and more happen we are launching the SleepDrops Equity Crowd Funding with New Zealand Company PledgeMe!

Lovely supportive people just like you have been reaching out to us all year and have started to offer pledges of money. We have partnered with a really good kiwi company – they have had huge success with crowd funding and their team of experts are working with us to ensure our SleepDrops Equity Crowd Fund is a success too.

I wanted to say a personal thank you to you as a valued customer and friend of SleepDrops, without you none of this would have been possible. I want to share the success we are planning to enjoy with the people that helped us get to where we are now.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you popped in a little bit of money and SleepDrops went on to change the world of sleep and YOU were part of making that happen?

There is no pressure to commit to anything right now. This is just an invitation for you to sign up to our Equity Crowd Funding newsletter to find out more information. Information will come out in easy to digest amounts and you can ask questions at any time. We will be holding open days and I will be doing business talks in Auckland. As always we are here to answer any and all questions that you might have.

So please sign up now and come, be part of the DREAM.

Thank you and I look forward to us all enjoying ourselves on this exciting journey.

Warmest regards

Kirsten Taylor

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P.S. Feel free to share this with your whole network. A lot of kiwi’s get joy from helping others succeed especially if there is an opportunity for them to benefit from it too!

In the last 10 months we have done a lot of very cool things. I want to summarise them for you so that hopefully you will think to yourself, Holy Moly if this is what SleepDrops can achieve without crowd funding support then they are going to absolutely FLY with everyone’s investment support!

Factory Opening

Last December we officially opened our own factory, controlling our manufacturing processes, reducing our lead times and of course cutting our costs! When we relocate to our new building in January we will have an even better and bigger factory meaning we can ramp up production to meet our increased demand.


We started 2018 by launching into all three major supermarket brands – New World, Pak N Save and Countdown – across NZ. Our mission was to make quality sleep more affordable for ordinary New Zealanders. To achieve this, we developed supermarket-specific spray bottles for our six key liquid remedies. As a result, we were immediately, “core ranged” – meaning the 3 head offices told their stores to “put SleepDrops on the shelf!” Our strategy worked fantastically well, with our launch taking place in March and SleepDrops being the number 1 brand of sleep products every month since April!

New Home Sleep Luxury Collection

The naturopathic sleep specialists at SleepDrops are always talking to customers about developing and committing to a wind-down routine to support good sleep. However, our surveys indicate that people don’t know which products to use and trust. Coming up next month we are launching our SleepDrops Home Sleep Luxury Collection – a beautiful range of products that are sleep supporters rather than sleep inducers such as our “Divine Sleep” a beautiful aromatherapy room and pillow spray, Lavender bath salts (great relaxing source of magnesium) and 100% Mulberry Silk eye mask (to black out the light).

Proposed labels

Integrative Sleep Symposium

On 28 October we are hosting the first ever Integrative Sleep Symposium in New Zealand. Featuring NZ’s leading sleep experts and the world’s most recognised expert on magnesium, the symposium is a full day seminar educating and inspiring health care professionals on the latest in sleep research, medical devices for sleep, sleep protocols and all things sleep medicine! Major sponsors include Fisher and Paykel Health Care, New Zealand Respiratory and Sleep Institute, SleepyHead – to name a few.

Practioner Product Range

This Integrative Sleep Symposium will be our launch pad for our professional range of products. The SleepDrops range of practitioner products is SleepDrops taken to the next level. Featuring ‘SleepDrops MAX’ – a very powerful blend of sleep herbs; ‘MgUlti’ – a multi magnesium with digestive activators and a liquid Magnesium Chloride. High potency products that practitioners such as Doctors, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Herbalist etc. can prescribe and offer their patients in clinic with consultation. These professionals see between 5 and 60 people a day of which 40% are having trouble sleeping so we see this as a very big opportunity to help more people!

Corporate Sleep Wellness Programmes

This year we began our Corporate Wellness Programmes. These days Company Directors and Health, Safety & Wellbeing departments are struggling with the impact of sleep debt and fatigue in the workplace. We offer the programmes as a way to have a positive impact on health, safety and wellbeing at a company level, help spread the message on the importance of sleep, get new customers, further our reputation as sleep experts, collect data on how well our products work and monitor the behaviours of our customers.

We were contacted by Auckland City Rail Link (CRL) a company jointly owned by the NZ Government and the Auckland City Council. We worked with their engineers, project managers and business support staff and put 50 of their team through our 30 Day Sleep Better Challenge. The results were fantastic – 100% of them had an improvement in their health, wellbeing and sleep.

The next company we are working with is Tonkin + Taylor – a proactive engineering company whose focus is on employee safely, wellbeing and happiness.

Scientific Research

We are very privileged to have signed one of New Zealand’s top sleep scientists, Sleep Physiologist Prudence Murray as a medical board advisor for SleepDrops.  Prudence currently works for Fisher and Paykel managing their world class sleep lab. She is very highly regarded internationally and speaks all over the world as an expert on sleep. She is working with us on lots of exciting levels but the one we are most excited about is our planning to do brain wave sleep studies in the New Year. Yes you read that correctly – in the very near future we plan to do full blown brain wave sleep studies. It’s this commitment to developing and testing our products that sets us apart from the competition and will protect us for the future.


Prudence Murray is a New Zealand registered clinical sleep physiologist with a passion for delivering sleep health care, and promoting sleep health wellbeing. Prudence has enjoyed the privilege of working within public, private, and industry facets of the sleep health industry, both in New Zealand, and within the international community. Her areas of special interest include diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing, sleep service development and management, and sleep hygiene literacy.

Currently Prudence is employed by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, managing their sleep laboratory and undertaking clinical research.

New Lease

We have secured a new building in Ellice Road, Glenfield so SleepDrops will have a long term home, providing us with the perfect opportunity to create a wonderful sleep focused hub including a new factory and testing laboratory.

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding helps Kiwis invest in the companies they care about – like SleepDrops :). PledgeMe Equity platform helps businesses harness the power of their crowd to raise capital without the need for a full prospectus.

How equity crowdfunding works is investors (like you!) can exchange investment for shares. This means crowds becomes shareholders and ambassadors for their company.

Companies can raise up to $2 million in a 12 month period through a licensed platform. The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2014 regulates this new type of capital raising.

In a nut shell, crowd funding is where lots of people put in a small amount of money rather than 1 or 2 people putting in a large amount. It means companies like SleepDrops can offer their friends or customers and supporters the opportunity to put in a small or largish amount of money to help them achieve their dreams.