About the Integrative Sleep Symposium

Sleep is a fundamental biological process underpinning human existence on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. In today’s society sleep deprivation and disorders are consuming the lives of millions of people worldwide. As healthcare practitioners, you are experiencing a huge influx of patients struggling with numerous sleep challenges. Implications of poor sleep are profound, affecting every day metabolic function and unleashing a cascade of long term destructive effects on the body. Fortunately, great strides have been made to understanding how and why we sleep and the clinical applications of managing sleep disorders and improving overall sleep. Managing sleep disorders and implementing sleep strategies requires a combined approach for optimal outcomes for patients.

The Integrative Sleep Symposium is a professional half-day educational event bringing together leading experts to give talks on a wide range of topics but all entirely sleep focused. Topics include Biochemical processes of sleep, Sleep disorders, Pharmaceutical management, Medical sleep devices, Musculoskeletal influences on sleep, Holistic approach to sleep health, Western herbal medicine and Nutritional therapy. Combining the latest research and current management options to educate healthcare practitioners in effectively managing the overwhelming amount of people who are struggling with sleep deprivation and disorders.

On the 13th of July, in Auckland New Zealand,  the Integrative Sleep Symposium will bring together leading researchers and clinicians to present their research and clinical experience of sleep disorders. They will demonstrate how their knowledge and experience can be implemented into patient care of sleep disorders to create a cohesive clinical model that offers effective management strategies for even the most complex sleep challenges.   

The Integrative Sleep Symposium is excited to have confirmed some of the leading sleep experts in the fields of sleep research, sleep physiology,  general medical practice, osteopathic medicine, pharmacology, psychiatry, naturopathic, herbal and nutritional medicine. Together, these speakers will provide you with the insights required to piece together the underlying factors that exacerbate sleep challenges and tools to manage your patients sleep effectively.

Important dates

Early bird registration: 8th April 2019 – 11th June 2019

 Standard registration: 12th June 2019 – 12th July 2019

Integrative Sleep Symposium: 13th July 2019

Day Schedule:

9:45am – Registration

10:00am – Speakers start

4:00pm – Finish


Prudence Murray

Senior Sleep Physiologist


Prudence Murray is a New Zealand registered clinical sleep physiologist with a passion for delivering sleep health care, and promoting sleep health wellbeing. Prudence has enjoyed the privilege of working within public, private, and industry facets of the sleep health industry, both in New Zealand, and within the international community. Her areas of special interest include diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing, sleep service development and management, and sleep hygiene literacy.

Currently Prudence is employed by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, managing their sleep laboratory and undertaking clinical research.

 Prudence will be discussing the latest sleep research, sleep disorders and medical devices used for sleep.

Kirsten Taylor

Naturopathic Sleep Specialist


Kirsten Taylor is one of NZ’s leading Naturopathic Sleep Specialists having dedicated the last 10 years exclusively to this very important field.

Kirsten is qualified in Naturopathy, Medical Herbalism, Nutritional and has post graduate qualifications in Natural Fertility and Homeobotanical Therapies.

It was during her time in private practice helping infertile couples become parents that she started to see the impact of lack of good sleep on all aspects of health.

Kirsten became fascinated with sleep and sleep research and eventually began to tailor her practice around focusing on sleep as the foundation for healing.

After analysis of available sleep products in both the OTC remedy or retail world and practitioner/nutraceutical world she painstakingly developed her own range to cater for the many ways people struggle to sleep. Since that time Kirsten has helped literally hundreds of thousands of NZ’ers sleep while also being an ambassador for prioritising sleep appearing on TV and radio, in print and as a public speaker flying the flag for the importance of sleep wherever she can.

 Kirsten is the Host and MC. She will be providing an overall game plan for a good night sleep.

Kirsten will also be discussing the 10 main reasons why we don’t sleep and sleep hygiene practices.

Philip Dowling



Philip has been practicing and teaching nutrition and naturopathy for 24 years and holds a Masters of Nutrition, a Bachelor of Health Science and a Naturopathic diploma.

He began practicing in 1994, and for the following six years ran a private practice clinic. His wealth of knowledge and extensive clinical experience made him the perfect candidate to educate future students of naturopathy and nutritional medicine at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies where he was an entertaining and enthusiastic Tutor and Mentor.

Philip went on to manage and develop the naturopathy and nutrition facilities at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, supporting their transition from diploma to degree until 2014.

Since then Philip has returned to clinical practice and is also now an educator at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

Phillip is committed to inspiring people onto their own health journey and authored a book, ‘Journeys Back to Health’ which was published in 2007.

In his spare time Phillip loves natural medicine research and his special area of interest is the digestive system and gut microbiome.

Philip will be discussing the relationship between gut health and sleep

Rachel Lehen

Fatigue Management Specialist

Rachel Lehen | Fatigue Management Specialist 

Rachel has a background in natural health and for the last 9 years has been specialising in the area of occupational fatigue management.  Rachel has regularly lead Fatigue Management Masterclasses and presented at a number of industry conferences speaking on the subject of fatigue management.  Rachel facilitated NZ’s first research study on the prevalence of OSA in a Commercial Driver population, which was co-funded by ACC and the Log Transport Safety Council (LTSC). Rachel remains very involved with the LTSC’s efforts to identify & support high risk OSA drivers. Rachel currently sits on the Sleep Apnea Association of NZ (SAANZ) committee.

Rachel is an experienced and polished speaker skilled in helping businesses identify, understand and manage risk from fatigue.

Rachel will be sharing case studies about the real effects of fatigue, how sleep disorders are impacting on commercial driving environments and the dangers associated with lack of quality sleep.

Dr Estelle de Beer

Doctor of Natural Medicine with a Masters’ Degree in Homoeopathy

Dr Estelle de Beer | Doctor of Natural Medicine with a Masters’ Degree in Homoeopathy

Dr Estelle qualified from the Durban University of Technology (South Africa) in 2007, as a Doctor of Natural Medicine with a Masters’ Degree in Homoeopathy.

Dr Estelle has vast experience in researching the efficacy of natural healthcare products and holistic treatments; taking them from concept through initial phase testing and into commercialisation and whilst she found this industry based work fascinating, she was ultimately drawn back to working closely with people in order to help them get their health back. As such Dr Estelle considers herself primarily a family health practitioner (the first place to call & hopefully not the last) and is dedicated to treating and supporting people through chronic health challenges, getting to the bottom of what is causing the dis-ease and gains great joy from bringing the body & mind back into balance. Most importantly she considers herself an advocate for preventative healthcare. Dr Estelle has dedicated over 11 years to expertly supporting clients through their most challenging times, it was through this that she realised how disruptive sleep impacted greatly on their overall health and that by addressing their sleep as a priority many of their chronic conditions were resolved, or at very least the severity of their symptoms decreased.

Dr Estelle will be discussing the health benefits of Magnesium and the use of the supplement for patients with sleep problems.

Phil Rasmussen

M.Pharm., M.P.S., Dip. Herb. Med.; M.N.I.M.H.(UK),  F.N.Z.A.M.H.

Phil Rasmussen  | Pharmacist and Phytotherapist

Phil is one of New Zealand’s most experienced phytotherapists with a clinic in Auckland where he has practiced for 25 years. He is also the founder and Technical Director of Phytomed Medicinal Herbs Ltd, a New Zealand-based manufacturer and exporter of herbal medicines for both practitioners and consumers.

Before pursuing herbal medicine Phil worked for more than 10 years as a pharmacist, and undertook research on antidepressant drugs and serotonin. Phil established a herbal medicine treatment service within the regional alcohol and drug detoxification unit of Waitemata Health, in 1993.

He has also lectured at naturopathic and herbal colleges, presented at conferences in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, and written extensively on herbal subjects for both practitioner and consumer publications, for many years.

Phil has long had an interest in the valuable contribution that herbal medicines can make to facilitating better sleep as well as helping to overcome substance dependency and mental health challenges. In this talk he will present research into the efficacy and mechanism(s) of action of phytomedicines used to facilitate sleep, as well as summarise and present new findings into the use of so-called ‘Z-drugs’, now often prescribed as first line sleeping medications, in our fast-paced world.

Phil will be presenting on the role of Z-class drugs and herbal medicine, in facilitating sleep

Paige Cowley

Naturopathic Sleep Specialist

Paige Cowley | Naturopathic Sleep Specialist

Paige is a Naturopathic Sleep Specialist, striving to support people holistically to achieve quality sleep.

She has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) in Sydney Australia and is registered with NHAA and NMHNZ.

With over 8 years’ experience in the health industry, first as a nurse and now as a naturopath, Paige has dedicated herself to learning, understanding and educating on the best way to empower health and wellbeing through the life stages. She is passionate about helping people achieve their health goals and believes that poor sleep is often a major block for healing.

Paige will be talking about Sleep Apps – Our top 10 favourites, how do they work and are they effective.


Standard (12th June 2019 – 12th July 2019) – $65.00


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