“After having experienced another level 4 lockdown and the ensuing financial stress that it brings, SleepDrops® wants to support our customers to have a great night’s sleep – the BEST protection against anxiety and stress. We also want to find a way to make our products more affordable and more easily accessible to more people. We all know someone who is not sleeping well, not coping and could use some help. With that in mind, we have created the SleepDrops® Gift to a Friend Campaign. (It’s the kinder, loving version of the GFC)”

From Kirsten & the SleepDrops team

It’s so easy:

Choose one of the fantastic products from our SleepDrops® products listed below for yourself and then select a FREE product to gift to a friend or loved one!

Step 1: Select your favourite SleepDrops® product and choose a product you would like to gift to your friend or loved one.
Step 2: Enter your email address and your friend’s email address (please note this friend or family member can’t already have an account with SleepDrops®)
Step 3: Check your contact details are correct and add your friend or family member’s details.
Step 4: Click on the ‘Purchase & send the gift’ button and then enter your and your friend’s shipping details. Both of you get your SleepDrops® shipped for FREE anywhere in NZ- cool aye?!
Step 5: Enter your payment details via our payment gateway. You can also choose to use Laybuy®, Afterpay® or POLi® payments.
Step 6: Click ‘Complete order and send my gift to my friend’ and we’ll send you both emails to notify you when your order and gift are on their way!

There is no catch. You invest in yourself to get the SleepDrops® product and sleep you need and we send your friend a FREE SleepDrops® gift. We pay, you get the “good mate credits”. Sounds GREAT right?!


You LOVE SleepDrops® for Adults because it switches off your busy busy brain and your best friend has had too much on her mind lately (who hasn’t) and not been able to fall asleep. So you chose SleepDrops® for Adults for yourself and for her and we send your bestie a bottle of SleepDrops® for Adults for FREE. Yep cool aye?!


Your husband falls asleep in seconds but then tosses and turns all night, snoring and driving you mad (even though you love him lots) and then wakes up grumpy. So you select our Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients capsules for him which supports him to sleep deeply and stay asleep through the night. For your friend who always seems to have a lot of coughs, colds and sniffles you select a FREE bottle of Night Immune to support her immunity while she sleeps. We send them out. BOOM!

You could gift a friend with one of these:

for Babies
Valued at $39.90


SleepDrops® for Babies 30ml

  • Natural sleep support for babies and toddlers (0-3 yrs) to go to sleep without struggle any time of day or night
  • Support to soothe restless, overtired or irritable babies or babies with wind, pain, discomfort or digestive disturbances affecting sleep
  • Support for babies and toddlers that are going through developmental stages affecting sleep.

for Kids
Valued at $39.90


SleepDrops® for Kids 30ml

  • Natural formula to support kids aged 3-12 struggling to go to sleep
  • Supports kids with mind chatter or worries to go to sleep faster
  • Great tasting drops, easy to use drops before bed or again if waking through the night

for Adults
Valued at $39.90


SleepDrops® for Adult 30ml

  • New Zealand’s No. 1 Adults Sleep Formula
  • Natural support to switch off a busy or worried mind and get to sleep faster
  • Delicious, easy to use drops taken before bed or again if waking through the night

Valued at $39.90


SleepDrops® Menopauzzz 30ml

  • Natural formula to support women to sleep through perimenopause or menopause
  • Support for women feeling hot, worried, overwhelmed or emotional affecting sleep
  • Natural, non-drowsy, non-addictive formula to support a more relaxed, restful sleep

Valued at $39.90


SleepDrops® Menzzz 30ml

  • Supports the mature man who is waking through the night to visit the bathroom
  • Natural support for a more relaxed and restful sleep
  • Carefully selected ingredients to nourish a healthy bladder, kidney and prostate function

Night Immune 30ml
Valued at $39.90


SleepDrops® Night Immune 30ml

  • All age formula to support stronger immune health for anyone over the age of two during the night
  • Support for a faster recovery from illness, surgery or accidents
  • Easy to use, effective way to take drops that can be customised to the ideal dosage for the whole family

Valued at $39.90


Daytime Revive 30ml

“I felt like a new improved me – nicely balanced and positive and ready to face whatever the day had in store for me – bring it on!!” – Annie

  • Full strength support to stay calm, centered, and in control during challenging times
  • Effective way to maintain balance and emotional resiliency to support you to cope with life’s demands
  • Help to feel less overwhelmed, fragile, or afraid during the day

Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients 180s

  • High strength nutrient capsules to support deep, restorative sleep
  • Support to stay asleep longer at night and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Contains high strength doses of Vitamin C, Tart Cherry (a natural source of the sleep hormone melatonin), two forms of Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamins B6 and B5

Essential Sleep and
Stress Nutrients 180s
Valued at $60.00


TeenSleep & Stress 60s

Scientifically formulated for pre teens aged 9-12 years and Teens (12+):

  • Supports better overall sleep quality and deeper, restorative sleep
  • Effective way to take nutrient capsules for healthy memory, learning and academic performance
  • Rapid support for stronger mental and emotional resilience

TeenSleep & Stress 60s
Valued at $39.90


DIVINE SLEEP Aromatherapy Room and Pillow Spray 50ml

Support for pre teens aged 9-12 and Teens (12+) to:

  • Divine Sleep Aromatherapy Room and Pillow Sleep Spray is a luxurious and relaxation inducing blend of the highest quality organic essential oils.
  • Featuring a divine blend of Manuka, Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Lavender oils. The sleep specialists at SleepDrops have blended this beautiful relaxing aroma to create a haven in your bedroom infused with peace, comfort, calm and tranquillity.

Divine Sleep
Spray 50ml

Valued at $30.00


To participate in our SleepDrops Gift to a Friend Campaign you need to be an existing customer. Please login if you are already a SleepDrops customer or sign up by entering your relevant details. Thank you!

T’s & C’s apply:

  • There are no limits on how many friends or loved ones you can send to as long as you purchase one product from our Premium range, we will send out another product for FREE.
  • The products do NOT have to be the same or lesser value like most promotions insist on. The Gift to a Friend Campaign only applies to single items from our Premium range of SleepDrops® Products and doesn’t include combinations, auto-shipping or discounted items.
  • The initial product purchase cannot include items from our Home Luxury Sleep Collection. This offer is only available to residents in NZ – This is the first time we have done this, and we need to work out the logistics and the international costs before we can offer this worldwide. Sorry.
  • All people who have ever purchased from SleepDrops® either as a guest or as a registered customer are welcome to send a gift to a friend who has not previously purchased from SleepDrops®.
  • People who have previously purchased from SleepDrops® either as a guest or a registered customer cannot receive a SleepDrops® product as a gift. The gift is only open to people who have not been a SleepDrops® customer or guest.
  • The friend’s gift must be sent to a different address from the purchaser’s address.
  • The friend must be a completely separate person from the purchaser.
  • You cannot make yourself your friend. Any items that are suspected to be sent disingenuously will be considered null and void.
  • The purchaser must have their friend’s permission to share their email and address – we don’t want any grumpy people when we are trying to be so kind.
  • This offer is strictly for a limited time.
  • SleepDrops® reserves the right to remove, pause or cancel this campaign at any time.
  • Please choose carefully, products cannot be returned for credits, refunds or swapped for other products once dispatched.

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