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Sleep is some kind of magic elixir that science has shown us has more rejuvenative properties than literally any other body process. Our research library at SleepDrops has THOUSANDS of studies that prove the health promoting benefits. We know you already know this because otherwise, you wouldn’t be here on our page. You also already know SleepDrops is New Zealand’s experts in sleeping research and products. We only create wonderful sleep aids that will help people go to sleep faster, longer and deeper and wake up feeling amazing.

You have already popped an excellent product into the shopping cart, and this IS NOT a “Would you like fries with that?” Maccas moment. This is our professional sleep expert team offering you an opportunity to take your sleep to the next level at basically no extra cost.

WHY? Because developing a sleeping problem takes years or some kind of massive hormone change or some nasty stressful event… Actually, there are 10 common reasons why people don’t sleep, and we know that whilst every other supplement company tries to sell one hit wonders, they don’t work. Not really. They don’t work because “not sleeping” is complicated, there are lots of pathways, neurotransmitters, peptides, enzymes and all sorts of things that have to go wrong before you stop sleeping.

And let’s face it, you have probably been not sleeping for a while now, right? So we need to put the best sleep-enhancing nutrients and herbs into your body at the right prescription, ratio, and dosage for the right amount of time to bring your body back into balance. It takes perfection, consistency, and expert knowledge.

We have done the hard work, researched, and developed the products. All you have to do is take it at night. Good healthy sleep requires a high-quality supplement teamed up with the best herbs and co-factors to deliver you the best sleep night after night. And just like a computer, your body needs the right hardware and software to work at its best.

Here’s what Jade had to say about what happened to their sleep when they joined our VIP Sleepers Club.

Jade, Nelson

“Recently joined the VIP Sleeper club which has been fantastic. I am able to quickly and easily change and manage my subscription as needed and according to how my sleep and wellness is going. I also have the ability to put my subscription on hold if I have to!”

WHY? Because our high strength multi co factor formulations form the solid base for your sleep patterns, feeding your nervous system and your sleep pathways activating GABA (relaxation) and encourage amazing life restoring healthy sleep.

And when you pair them up with one of our liquid herbal formulas designed to remove sleep blocks common to your age group or lifestyle stage, you end up with an iconic duo that will transform your life.

Now we know you will be thinking “oh this sounds expensive” and usually yes it would be, but we are a purpose-driven company that LOVES helping sleep, so we source amazing ingredients that deliver exceptional results and then save money by owning our own factory. So what is the point of us sharing all of this with you? We want you to grab this opportunity. We want you to join our VIP Sleepers Club.

It’s like My food Bag for insomniacs. 😊

You see, people want to pay minimal prices with the expectation of maximum results. In most cases, this doesn’t work. And that has a large part to do with other companies using cheap, ineffective substitutes, lousy quality ingredients, and selling one-hit wonders that may only be half effective for your individual sleeping situation. With our VIP Sleepers Club, we believe that there is no room for compromise when it comes to your sleep health. Our value-packed program offers you incredible savings while also resolving your individual sleeping and wellness needs.

BUT you are thinking correctly and now you understand you will get HEAPS better sleep results by combining these two products together….like hardware and software in the computer….

AND you will get it all for only $60 delivered to your door – effortlessly and conveniently.

Joshua, Auckland

“I joined SleepDrops’ VIP program to save money as I was already buying 2 types of drops. I just wanted to say thank you for the massive boost this has given my wellbeing. Being able to swap products with ease has been a life saver and a wallet saver!”

Autoship contracts freak everybody out. NO ONE wants to be locked into a service even once they know it is awesome so we have worked hard to make this the most flexible club ever. We know life can be hectic and throw curveballs (and now is not the time to tell you that when you are stressed you should prioritise your sleep LOL!) so rest assured if you need to cancel you can. Not only can you cancel you can also create a customised plan for your sleep and stress needs any time, change it every month if you want to – no worries. Got a busy mind but also going through menopause and getting hot flushes? No worries, choose Healthy Sleep Capsules with SleepDrops for Adults one month and Healthy Sleep Capsules and Menopauzzz drops the next month. Want to share with your kids? No worries – can do.

… and we will even cover the cost of delivery anywhere in NZ.

Our VIP Sleepers Club is by far the BEST value for supporting you sleep on EVERY level. We know. We checked.

Which Hardware is right for you?

To start you choose the base supplement that is right for you. This is the building blocks of your VIP Sleepers Club programme, and will help be the foundation of your sleep support programme.

Your choice of base supplement can be viewed below, each formulated to work with a unique sleep, stress and immune health situation.

Base Supplement Options

Healthy Sleep 180 Capsules

All Ages

Valued at $60.00 NZD

Healthy Sleep is the ultimate nutritional supplement to support you to sleep through the night and get the deep restorative sleep you need to look, feel and function at your best.

  • Frequent waking, light or restless sleep (Low quality sleep).
  • Stress and worries causing Sleeplessness.
  • Low immune system function.
  • All ages family friendly formula.

TeenSleep and Stress® 60 Capsules

9-19 Years

Valued at $39.90 NZD

TeenSleep and Stress® are easy to take capsules that are an effective way to maximise teens’ sleep and help them worry less so they can live their ultimate teen life.

  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Sleep through the night with deeper restorative sleep.
  • Optimise memory, learning and optimal performance.
  • Strengthen mental and emotional resilience.
  • Feel less worried or overwhelmed by the pressures of teen life.
  • Improve nervous system health.

What Software should you use?

But just like a computer, you need both hardware and software to get you working. That’s why our programme gives you both a base and liquid supplement. Below you can view our extensive liquid drops range that is available with our VIP Sleepers Club that are interchangable to meet your unique sleep, wellness or immune situation.

SleepDrops Liquids


SleepDrops For Adults 30ml

12+ Years

Valued at $39.90 NZD

SleepDrops for Adults has been New Zealand’s Number 1 selling liquid sleep supplement for over 13 years, supporting hundreds of thousands of people to get to sleep faster

  • Natural support to switch off a busy or worried mind and get to sleep faster.
  • Delicious, easy to use drops taken before bed or again if waking through the night.
  • Non addictive, non-drowsy formula with no side effects.
  • Ingredients to support digestion,  liver function and healthy sleep patterns.
  • Support for shift workers, new parents or anyone struggling to fall asleep.

Daytime Revive 30ml

2+ Years

Valued at $39.90 NZD

Modern day demands can feel somewhat like we are living on a rollercoaster and barely holding on. If you are struggling to cope with feelings of overwhelm, nervousness, shock and grief on a daily basis you are not alone.

  • Effective way to maintain balance and emotional resiliency to cope with any of life’s demands.
  • Help to feel less overwhelmed, fragile or afraid during the day.
  • Aids recovery from grief or shock and coping with exams, presentations or life changes.
  • Additional ingredients to support digestion, liver and adrenal function which are compromised during times of stress.

Night Immune 30ml

2+ Years

Valued at $39.90 NZD

SleepDrops Night Immune is scientifically formulated to support you to strengthen immunity while you sleep to help you fight off any ills and chills or bounce back from sickness faster than ever.

  • All age formula to support stronger immune health for anyone over the age of three  during the night.
  • Support for a faster recovery from illness, surgery or accidents.
  • Natural ingredients including internationally recognised herbal medicines to support immune health, sleep and relaxation.
  • Homeopathic preparations to support relief from symptoms such as aches, runny nose, cough, headache or fever etc.

SleepDrops Menopauzzz 30ml

Women aged 45 – 65 Years

Valued at $39.90 NZD

SleepDrops Menopauzzz has been scientifically formulated to support perimenopausal and menopausal women to sleep through Menopause.

  • Natural formula to support women to sleep through perimenopause or menopause.
  • Support for women feeling hot, worried, overwhelmed or emotional affecting sleep.
  • Natural, non-drowsy, non-addictive formula to support a more relaxed, restful sleep.
  • Additional ingredients to support liver function and hormone balance.
  • Can be taken alongside other menopause support products.

SleepDrops Menzzz 30ml

Men aged 45+ Years

Valued at $39.90 NZD

SleepDrops Menzzz is scientifically formulated to support the mature man to fall asleep faster if you wake through the night to visit the bathroom.

  • Supports the mature man to fall sleep faster after waking through the night to visit the bathroom.
  • Natural support for a more relaxed and restful sleep.
  • Carefully selected ingredients to nourish a healthy bladder, kidney and prostate function.
  • Easy, effective way to take drops which can be individualised to your ideal dosage.
  • Ingredients also support healthy libido & sexual function.

SleepDrops for Kids 30ml

3 – 12 Years

Valued at $39.90 NZD

End the bedtime battle with SleepDrops for Kids, a unique natural sleep formula with scientifically researched ingredients to support kids to fall asleep faster without struggle and if they wake in the night.

  • Natural formula to support kids aged 3-12 struggling to go to sleep.
  • Supports kids with mind chatter or worries to go to sleep faster.
  • Great tasting drops,  easy to use drops before bed or again if waking through the night.
  • Non drowsy, non-addictive formula with no side effects.
  • Suitable to support for kids struggling to sleep due to nightmares or night terrors.

SleepDrops for Babies 30ml

0 – 3 Years

Valued at $39.90 NZD

SleepDrops for Babies is a soothing, natural blend of carefully selected and scientifically researched ingredients to support 0-3-year-olds who just can’t sleep.

  • Natural sleep support for babies and toddlers (0-3 yrs) to go to sleep without struggle anytime of day or night.
  • Support to soothe restless, overtired or irritable babies or babies with wind, discomfort or digestive disturbances affecting sleep.
  • Support for babies and todders that are going through developmental stages affecting sleep.
  • Great tasting, easy to use, non-addictive and non-drowsy formula.
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Wether you need help switching off a busy mind, staying asleep, controlling the night sweats or putting one of the kids to bed, our VIP Sleepers Club supports you night and day.

Let’s break it down,

NZ VIP Sleepers Club orders get FREE shipping.

Extrodinary value and savings made through our VIP Sleepers Club.

Everyone loves flexibility to change or switch any time.

You will transform your sleep, immune health, and wellbeing with your personalised combination.

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You get a FREE gift when you sign up and more FREE gifts every 3rd month after sign up!

We would love for you to join our SleepDrops VIP Sleepers Club. And if you are still unsure what products are right for you or what is best for you, our team is one call away at 0800 345 999 where we offer you a FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our inhouse naturopaths that can ensure you are on the path to sleeping smarter and living better.

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