Corporate Sleep Wellness Programmes

These days’ company directors and Health & Safety departments are struggling with the impact of sleep debt and fatigue in the workplace. Please reach out to our dedicated team of naturopathic sleep specialists at SleepDrops about our Corporate Sleep Wellness programmes. With fantastic proven results we can tailor make a programme for your team.

Options available for 10 – 1500 people.

30 Day Sleep Better Challenge

A professionally facilitated one month long sleep challenge that gets your people actively improving their prioritization of sleep, commitment to improving their sleep quality and the quantity of their sleep.

As a result we anticipate that a minimum of 80% of participants will feel much better overall, have less fatigue, feel happier, more balanced, less stressed and more productive as a result of their sleep quality starting to improve.

Want to find out more about how SleepDrops can improve the health and wellbeing at your work place.

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