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Impact of insomnia on relationships

Impact of insomnia on relationships

When you suffer from sleeping difficulties your family – and especially your partner – suffer alongside you. Many studies have chronicled the impact of sleep problems on relationships, and many liken the impact on family as similar to that of a spouse or parent with a long-term illness.
The impact of this on relationships manifests in all aspects of family life. Firstly, your inability to fall or stay asleep can affect your partner’s sleep, especially if you share a bed with them or disturb them throughout the night. They can even develop their own sleep disorder, leaving both of you feeling tired and cranky throughout the day.

As an insomniac often struggles with cognitive tasks, a lesser-known impact on relationships is the increased reliance on the spouse or partner to make decisions.  When the brain isn’t rested, it loses the ability to think creatively about problems, and tends to choose the first option presented to it.

An insomniac finds even the smallest decisions overwhelming, as the un-rested brain struggles to decide which details are relevant. Even a simple “what would you like for breakfast?” can leave an insomniac feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Another impact of insomnia on relationships is the way insomniacs lose the ability to remember details. This often means they forget to do chores they usually do every day, or forget important events like birthdays and anniversaries. Living with this memory loss and be difficult for a partner, who may start to feel as though they’re doing all the work.

You’ll also feel the impact of insomnia on relationships when it comes to sex. Insomniacs have notoriously low libidos, and if they’re not feeling it, their partner won’t either. This can lead both parties to feel even more irritated and neglected, causing more strain on the relationship.

So if you’re feeling the impact of sleep difficulties on relationships in your life, what can you do about it?

  • Talk about the problem. Ignoring issues in your relationship won’t make them go away. Talk to your partner about your troubles sleeping and what you can do together to fix them.
  • Seek medical help. Often, a doctor or sleep professional can give you options and advice you can’t find anywhere else
  • Avoid blaming. Don’t blame each other – insomnia is nobody’s fault. Instead, work together to solve the issue.
  • Try herbal sleep remedies. They can support your sleep without harmful side-effects

The impact of insomnia on relationships touches every aspect of your home and family life. With the help and support of your partner and family, you can get rid of your insomnia forever.

Naturopathic tip: Herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and nutrients can support the body with stress and anxiety and support the body to develop natural sleep patterns to enhance overall health and wellbeing to every part of life