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Sleep support information

Sleep support information

Our SLEEP DROPS work amazingly well and the feedback we get every day from people is so rewarding but as a Naturopath I want to take everything to the next level of optimal wellness for people so I am in the process of developing my latest programme. It’s called the SleepSupportSystem. Read on for more information! And any questions call me – Kirsten Taylor at 09 418 0479
Getting to Sleep is not just a small issue, SERIOUSLY you need to GET a FULL nights sleep or risk a host of unwanted health problems….

You are a busy person and as you get older you’ll notice that you don’t sleep as well as you used to.People refer to this in various ways such as Sleep Disturbances, sleeplessness, Insomnia, Sleep onset insomnia, Sleep Maintenance insomnia and many more.

This is NOT something you just have to put up with and here is why you should do all you can to get natural sleep starting as soon as you can. Lack of sleep, Insomnia, Sleeplessness or sleep Disturbance is not healthy for your body and brain; it leaves you slower, softer and sicker which could lead to premature death!
Here is some information about what lack of sleep does to you and our solution. Yes we can help you improve your SLEEP zzzzzz with our money back guaranteed Sleep Support System™ – it’s an all natural Sleep Aid remedy that gets you better sleep quality from the very first night.

Weight control:

It is not only diet that encourages weight to increase. Exhaustion is a major contributor to mid section weight gain. Sleep loss disrupts your ideal metabolism because production of the hormone Leptin (which tells the body how much energy you have to use) peaks during the night so if you are not asleep it can be miscalculated which means you end up storing fat instead of burning it.


After you exercise you need to sleep to complete the biological process of weight loss.
Why? While you are in your cell repair phase of sleep 70% of your daily Growth Hormone gets released and this stops your fat stores going to your waist.

Immune system:

Research shows that Sleep deprivation can decrease the immune system by up to 50% – even a flu vaccine shot will only give you half the amount of anti bodies that a healthy sleeper will get!

Cardiovascular disease:

Too little sleep increases your risk of heart disease. A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that if you average less than 5 hours sleep per night your chance of suffering a heart attack nearly doubles. Solution ~Every extra minute of sleep you get helps to suppress the part of your nervous system that makes stress hormones. How? Sleep gives your heart a chance to relax in a state of low stress.

Low Libido:

Testosterone levels plummet when you don’t get enough sleep – that’s means a lack of drive and an inability to “get it up” for men and a lack of arousal for women.

Mental Fatigue:

Sleep is necessary to encourage the processing of information learnt throughout the day. Studies show that without sleep learning just doesn’t happen. In fact The U.S Sleep foundation reports that sleep deprivation impacts on mental performance almost as much as being intoxicated.

But don’t panic – Sleep CAN be achieved again. The team of Naturopaths at New Zealand Health Shop have been helping clients for over 6 years to get improved sleep. They have developed the Sleep Support System – a programme that consists of a special natural formula ( our SLEEP DROPS new and improved formula), specific minerals and practical advice to follow.