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Sleeping Problem Review – Exploding Head Syndrome

Sleeping Problem Review - Exploding Head Syndrome

With a name as insane as “Exploding Head Syndrome”, it’s no surprise this is one of the more mysterious sleeping problems. People suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome experience loud noises inside their head. The noise sounds like a gunshot, electrical buzzing, a roar or a loud scream. It doesn’t cause any pain, but can be quite distressing for the sufferer.
Like many other rare sleeping problems, Exploding head syndrome can occur at any time of life. Attacks might increase or decrease in frequency, or disappear completely with no treatment. Women are more likely to suffer than men.

The noise usually comes just before entering deep sleep, about an hour after a person falls asleep, but is sometimes experienced in the period between sleep and wakefulness, and sometimes even during the day, while fully awake. Heart rates increase and sufferers may feel a rush of adrenaline or anxiety, and many develop a fear of sleeping or other sleeping problems.

Contrary to the name, Exploding Head Syndrome is not accompanied by pain or swelling, but many sufferers report seeing bright flashes of light or “TV static”. A person experiencing Exploding Head Syndrome may also find themselves briefly unable to speak or move, both common sleep problems associated with sleep paralysis.

The causes of Exploding Head Syndrome are not known, although it’s known to be connected to extreme fatigue and other sleeping problems. Interestingly, as many as 85% of people who experience out-of-body experiences suffer from Exploding Head Syndrome.

Scientists do not even know what causes the noise. Some believe it might be a sudden movement in the middle ear, others think it’s a minor seizure affecting the body’s hearing nerve cells. Like other sleeping problems, withdrawals from certain medications may also be a factor.

As with other rare sleeping problems, many people do not even realize Exploding Head Syndrome is a recognized medical condition. Unsure of what the noise is, a person may never see their doctor about these mysterious sleeping problems.

If you think you might be suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome or other sleeping problems, re-evaluate your sleep patterns and take a look at the level of stress in your life. Currently, antidepressants have shown some ability to combat the symptoms of Exploding Head Syndrome, but these have extreme side effects.

Better to try natural solutions to sleeping problems, like natural and herbal treatments, curing stress with yoga and meditation, going to bed earlier and cutting back on alcohol, nicotine and tobacco.

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