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Sleep aids for babies

Sleep Aids for Babies

Fortunately, there are several baby sleep aids that can make the process less stressful for both parent and child. These techniques include swaddling, creating a bedtime ritual, using a pacifier or the sound of ambient noise and music to assist your little one in getting to sleep.
One baby sleep aid for younger infants is swaddling. Swaddling is the art of wrapping your baby snug in a warm blanket to help the baby adjust to their new surroundings. Babies can feel safe and secure while being swaddled as it is warm, dark and narrow, creating a similar environment to their mother’s womb. Because the baby feels comfortable and safe, it makes it easier for them to drift off to sleep.

Another one of the great sleep aids for babies is to practice following a bedtime ritual. Repeating the same pattern every night can help your baby with the transition of being awake to falling asleep. Create a ritual that works for your family. An example of a bedtime ritual would be to start winding down your baby’s day by giving them a bath and then dressing them in their pajamas. Follow that by reading them a bedtime story and finally put them to bed with a kiss good night. Creating nightly habits will make it easier for your baby to fall asleep as they will become comfortable with the routine and will fall asleep with ease.

Babies love their pacifiers and parents learn to love them too since they can help their children fall asleep. Studies have shown that babies that use pacifiers at bedtime are actually at a lower risk for developing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Experts, however, prefer thumb-sucking versus using a pacifier for a sleep aid since a pacifier can easily fall out of the child’s mouth while sleeping.

Using music and ambient noise can also help in getting your baby to sleep during their restless moments. There are a variety of musical options available to buy, from CDs with lullabies to classical music. There are also several websites where parents can preview and legally download individual songs to create their own special mix for their baby.

With many different baby sleeping aids that parents can try, trial and error may be the best bet to find the solution that works for your baby. It will take time to find the perfect technique for your child, so remain patient and consistent until you discover the right fit.